It's The Small Things That Make A Big Difference

6 of Jerba Campervans Small and Innovative Conversion Ideas

Sometimes it’s the smallest campervan conversion ideas that makes the biggest difference to your adventure. At Jerba Campervans innovation is pivotal and this ensures that we continue to adapt our conversions to meet your needs. Here is a list of 6 of our small innovative conversion ideas that have made a big impact.

1. Electric hook up

We had the nifty camper conversion idea for all our conversion’s electrical hook-up sockets to be located in the back bumper behind the panel. This ensures that when driving little dirt and salty road spray will get inside your hook up which helps to prevent the rust patches that are very often associated with surrounding edges of hook up points that are cut directly into the outer side panels of most campervans or motorhomes. Hiding the hook up point away also means you keep the clean body work panel lines of the vehicle side and have no ugly black or white plastic flaps in view!

Every panel is hand cut to ensure that when the hook up is being used the flap can still be closed and the electricity lead can neatly come out the bottom. The external water hook-up is also located here which ensures that this also stays cleaner.

Camper Electric Hook Up
conversion ideas

2. Midge Screens

Scotland is great for wild camping but being based in Scotland we know all too well that the pesky Scottish midge can ruin anybody’s camping experience. This led us to design and manufacture a midge screen for the VW slide opening side window that will not only keep mosquitos out but also the midges! With a tough mesh material, they’re simple to slide in and out of your window and with the screen in place the window can still be slid back and forth – from fully open to almost fully closed. For every screen we sell we donate £5 to Malaria No More UK – this is enough to buy, deliver and hang a life-saving bed net for a mother and child in Africa, helping to protect them from malaria. We supply them singularly or in pairs. They are £49 each.

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3. Drip Strip

We understand all too well the annoyance of opening your van door and getting soaked by the water that has ran off the roof. This led to us to create our own drip strip which easily fits around the door of your van to ensure that no water will drip down on you when getting in and out the van. This drip strip is much more visually appealing than previous drip strips and we are selling them for £29.50 for a pair and this also comes with a promoter which makes the adhesive on the drip strip secure effectively to the van.

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4. Chopping Boards

All our chopping boards are made to fit perfectly into the sinks in our conversions. This is done with a slight groove on one side to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t slide around when being used for chopping. It also gives you extra worktop space as you can effectively use the sink area. When driving your campervan we do highly recommend that you stow the board away securely in a cupboard as it is not fastened down and could therefore be a danger in the unfortunate event of a road accident.

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5. Tables

It is important that your campervan is flexible and lets you enjoy the outdoors and our innovative conversion ideas ensure this. We know that on a nice warm sunny evening there is nothing better than eating al fresco or enjoying a glass of something chilled while sitting outside your van. That is why our tables enable you to not only clip them up inside the camper for eating in your van but they also come with a stand which lets you take the table outside to use. Our tables are also stored in the best way to maximise space in your van. In our Cromarty van this means that it is fastened to the underside of the rear overhead locker in the boot area of your van.

VW Camping table
Camper Table
Campervan Table

6. Fully Removable Canvas

Another one of our small conversion ideas has turned into a much bigger, patented conversion idea – The Jerba Roof! Our patented roof design feature of a fully removable canvas that simply zips out, brings lots of advantages. You can’t always guarantee sunshine when you go on a road trip in your camper, plus as we’ve recently seen from Jerba owners, winter camping can bring some of the best views. However, this means that the roof canvas may get wet so when you get back home you will need to air out the and dry canvas with the next couple of days. With other pop top roofs you will need to wait till the next dry day so you can pop up your roof to dry it, however, if the weather or time is against you then with the Jerba roof you could simply slide your canvas free and dry it in your house or garage. Accidents do happen and your canvas may become damaged. With other roofs you would need to take your van to a specialist and have them refit a new canvas, however, with the Jerba roof you can simply remove your canvas at home and send it to Jerba Campervans where we could either arrange a repair and then return it to you, or in the worst case supply you with a brand new canvas – saving you the time, travel costs and the charges for a specialist converter to undertake the work. Having a canvas that unzips also allows you to let fresh air into the van and gives you panoramic views of your surroundings. Lots of our Jerba owners also use the open canvas to fulfil their own conversion ideas e.g to bird watch, to take outdoor wildlife photos and for star gazing!

panoramic pop top roof
t6 pop top
VW T5 Pop Top