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Jura - Solid Insulated Roof - Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter!

From £49,250 - with 12 months road tax & full tank of fuel
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Based upon the VW T6 Long Wheel Base with a factory fitted solid high top roof, our Jura camper van conversion includes a fixed toilet to the rear with a folding privacy door, a kitchen towards the centre and two single seats forming two single beds with the option of making one double. With ample storage in the high top roof and lots of insulation this truly is a compact and manoeuvrable VW campervan.                                                                   

All our T6 campervans have passed two crucial safety tests;

  • UK National Small Series Type Approval certification – demonstrating full safety approval for use as a vehicle on the road.
  • National Caravan Council (NCC) certification – demonstrating full approval to a wide range of habitation regulations that ensure the conversion is totally safe to live in as a campervan.


We build all our conversions on the passenger classified Volkswagen Transporter T6 Window or Kombi Van and as standard include all the VW factory fitted features listed below:

  • Swivelling Front Seats – single passenger and driver comfort seats with swivelling seat base, armrests and lumber support.
  • Charge Relay System – Varta AGM leisure battery with full intelligent split charge relay system that is compatible with Blue Motion energy saving brake recuperation.
  • Simora Seat Fabric – upgraded seat fabric giving a more car style of finish.
  • Touchscreen Digital Radio – with 5″ Colour Display, AUX-IN & USB in glove box (for connecting MP3 & iPod), SD card slot, CD drive and four Cab Loudspeakers.
  • Bluetooth System – that will Connect your Mobile Phone through the Touchscreen Digital Radio.
  • Trip Computer – displays Fuel Consumption and predicted Mileage from the Fuel in your Tank.
  • Blue Motion Technology – improving fuel economy and reducing road tax duty. Start/stop engine system when stationary, low rolling resistance tyres and regenerative braking that charges your vehicle battery as you brake.
  • Automatic Post-collision Braking System – triggers braking after a collision, with the aim of preventing secondary collisions.
  • Driver Alert System – uses visual and acoustic warning signals to recommend that the driver takes a break as soon as it registers driving behaviour that indicates tiredness.
  • Brake Assist System – registers the speed at which the brake pedal is pressed. During a reflexive or emergency braking action, it ensures that full brake pressure is built up more quickly.


Daytime Layout

Jura Daytime Layout
  1. Swivelling driver and passenger seats
  2. Tables
  3. Rear seats with belted seating
  4. Counter with drawer and fridge beneath
  5. Full height wardrobe or shelved cupboard
  1. Fixed cassette toilet
  2. Three burner hob with combined sink
  3. Full kitchen storage cupboards
  4. High level twin storage cupboards

Night time Layout

Jura Night Time Layout
  1. Single beds with option for double
  2. Counter with drawer and fridge beneath
  3. Full height wardrobe or shelved cupboard
  4. Full height wardrobe or shelved cupboard
  1. Three burner hob with combined sink
  2. Full kitchen storage cupboards
  3. High level twin storage cupboards
  • VW High Top Roof

    A top quality solid high roof that is manufactured and factory fitted by Volkswagen. Fully insulated and trimmed inside but still giving 6 ft 2″ (187cm) of internal head height.

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    The high top roof on our Jura conversion is factory made and fitted by Volkswagen during the manufacture of the van. With the paint colour matching the vehicle the roof has an overall total height of 2.5m and in internal headroom height of 1.87m (6ft 1″).

    Made of a solid composite material we fully insulate and the trim the inside of the roof to stabilise the temperature – keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. We also add a fully opening roof skylight and two top hinged windows (one either side), all fitted with integral fly screens and roller blinds.

    There are of course pro’s and con’s to consider with a solid high top roof.

    On the con’s side;

    • Decreased flexibility in accessing places with limited vehicle height clearance (overall height 2.5m)
    • Restricted internal head room which means that a roof bed is only suitable for small children.
    • Small increase in fuel consumption due to the greater air drag of the vehicle roof.
    • Small upper level windows restrict the view and airflow, whereas the large zip opening panels in the elevating roof canvas sides give lots of light, free flow of air and great views on a summer’s day!

    On the pro’s side you will gain from;

    • Better insulation properties than the canvas sides elevating roof – so warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
    • Extra storage space above the driver’s cab and along the rear upper sides.
    • No hassle of an elevating roof to put up and down, so a permanent internal headheight of 187cm (6ft 1″)

  • Cupboards and Tables

    The clever design of our Jura furniture squeezes a lot into the rear of the T6 and combines a full kitchen, with ample storage and a fixed cassette toilet that is closed off behind a privacy door. We don’t simply assemble premade furniture kits, we scribe, cut and edge band in house and treat every camper van as an individual project.

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    The Jura combines the facilities of a large coachbuilt motorhome packed down into a more manoeuvrable long wheel base VW T6. With a fully enclosed toilet area to the back of the campervan

    A fully adjustable table is fitted behind the front passenger seat use for when the seat is rotated – not only will this give a handy place at meal times or simply to put down your book or newspaper, but it can also be rotated to be outside of the sliding door for a table in the sun!

    For the swivelled driver’s seat and the single rear passenger seat on the driver’s side we provide a table with a removable leg that clips onto the side wall – it simply stows against that wall during travel. As standard we also provide a folding tripod foot for the table so you can also use it free standing outside!

    A high quality finish on your cupboards and lockers is often what makes your campervan stand out. Our Jura T6 conversion furniture is scribed and hand cut by our own finishing carpenters to fit perfectly to the shape of the campervan – you won’t find gaps down the back of our counter tops where you could lose your cutlery, pens and worst of all spilt food and drinks.

    We don’t simply assemble premade furniture kits, we have invested in machinery and training to allow you to make changes to your furniture layout – a service that virtually no other UK VW campervan conversion company can offer.

    Where possible we also finish all our furniture with PVC edge banding, applied on our own in house machinery. Harder and far more durable than DIY style soft rubber trims, PVC edging gives a highly professional finish that is more familiar to kitchens at home. It will be as good after 5 years as it did after 5 days.

    All our furniture material is lightweight poplar ply which is produced specifically for the motorhome and campervan market. We only use designs that are fully laminated on both sides, giving you the maximum in hard wearing finish both inside and outside your cupboards – it won’t easily dent, cut and chip like many paper and vinyl covered products will.

  • Seats and Beds

    Belted seating for 4, fully tested to all European regulations, converting with swivelled front seats into either 2 single beds each measuring 60cm x 185cm, or an option of one double bed measuring 120cm x 200cm.

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    Our Jura T6 conversion is fitted as standard with European manufactured rear seats specifically shaped for travelling, whilst also folding easily into completely flat beds – guaranteeing you a comfortable night’s sleep free of lumps and bumps!

    When folded down and combined with the fully swivelled front seats, each single bed measures 60cm wide and 185cm long – there is also an optional extra on the seat design that with a small gap in between the front seats, enables them to be slid together over the centre aisle to create a 120cm wide double bed that is also 200cm long – that’s 6ft 5inches!

    Both seats are fitted with integrated 3 point seat belts and the seat installation has been safety tested by Jerba Campervans to National Small Series Type Approval regulations – the highest level of European safety testing. Simulating an actual accident these regulations physically test the methods we use to secure the rear seats into our Jura camper conversion.

    With the seat frame remaining fixed and just the cushion section moving, the optional slide system will also allow you to slide either seat forward by 20cm for both travel or leisure – with children sat behind the front seats this option allows you to move them closer to you for picking up those dropped toys without too far to reach! Please note though that it’s not possible to slide the two rear single seats together for travelling.

  • Fridge, Hob and Sink

    The Jura is built with the same worktop height as a standard domestic kitchen, a three burner SMEV gas hob with sink alongside and a 51 litre fridge that is raised up for easy access.

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    For the hob and sink unit we always fit Italian designed and manufactured SMEV products. With smoke glass lids they look stylish and provide vital counter top space when not in use. The Jura comes standard with a combined sink and three burner hob unit. The counter height is also only a fraction lower than a standard domestic kitchen, making it easier on your back and giving loads of storage space beneath. The Jura design also gives you a vast amount of free counter space for preparation.

    For the Jura fridge we fit a 51 litre model made by Italian company Vitrifrigo, running solely from the 12v leisure battery it also includes a 4 litre freezer compartment. Located opposite the hob and sink we raise the fridge up away from the floor for easy access. With a very low power usage the fridge will on average take no more than 1.5 amps per hour. With 150amp hrs of leisure battery this will give you around 4 to 5 days of independence from mains power or driving the vehicle to recharge the leisure battery.

    To give almost complete summer time independence a serious option to consider is a roof mounted flush fitting solar panel. We fit a UK manufactured 100watt panel that has sufficient capacity to both run your fridge and your regular 12v appliances, as well as recharging your leisure battery. Be green and independent all in one!

  • Gas & Electrics

    A fully sealed steel gas box, top grade electrical parts and individually tested certification from qualified gas and electrical engineers are standard in our Jura T6 conversion.

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    Gas – all our conversions are fitted with a fully welded and sealed steel locker designed specifically to fit either two Camping Gaz 907 butane cylinders or two Calor 3.9kg propane cylinders – keeping a full cylinder safely stored at the rear of the locker will mean you should never run out.

    As an added safety feature, we place the locker in the boot so it’s impossible to close the vehicle tailgate without having first shut and secured the gas locker door – whenever you’re in the vehicle you’ll know the locker is safely sealed tight.

    It’s also simple to access to change the cylinder over. You don’t have to reach down into the depths of a cupboard, with a 1.5m hose you can simply place the cylinder on the ground by the tailgate.

    Giving you the option of fitting either propane or butane cylinders covers every eventuality. In sub zero temperatures, butane will burn poorly so propane is a better option. If you’re travelling to Europe then Camping Gaz butane cylinders are easy to find whilst the Calor propane are not – we stock a simple adapter that enables to quickly switch from one type of cylinder to the other.

    The locker also houses the compulsory gas regulator, has a completely sealed door and is vented through the floor of the vehicle – ensuring no gas leak will ever make its way into the living area of the vehicle. All LPG parts and appliances in our conversions are installed, tested and certificated by an LPG qualified engineer.

    12v & 230v Electrics – to ensure that you have a reliable 12 volt supply we now order all our base T6 vans direct from Volkswagen with their factory fitted leisure battery and charge relay system installed.

    All T6 vans are now made as standard by VW with features to improve fuel economy and reduce polluting emissions, once such feature is known as engine brake recuperation – this basically allows the vehicle alternator to recharge the 12v battery system on braking as well as whilst accelerating, this reduces resistance on the engine and improves your miles per gallon. The mechanics behind this technology very closely monitors the charge of the vehicle battery and cuts off alternator charge if that battery is sufficiently charged, the downside is that if you have a leisure battery installed after the factory build then it can also cut the charge to that system as well. However, where VW install their own leisure battery system as a factory fit this problem is overcome as VW will programme the vehicle ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to ensure both batteries always receive the charge they need.

    The standard VW leisure battery is a 75 amp hour AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery under the brand name of Varta and made by German firm Johnson. In any conversion where we add a diesel fired heating systems we add an identical VW Varta 75 amp hr AGM battery to double up your power to 150 amp hrs – this gives an identical arrangement as you would find in a VW California.

    To free up more storage in your campervan we always locate the additional 75 amp hr battery in a rigid stainless steel cage within a space on the underside of the van. By removing four bolts the cage can be simply lowered down, but as a sealed battery it is maintenance free.

    For the 12 volt and 230 volt power system we always install the high grade Sargent EC328 units. With fully integrated 12 volt and 230 volt consumer units (fuse boxes) and high quality charge relay system, life for you is as simple as it could be. A digital control panel will give you a range of information including leisure and vehicle battery charge, ampage draw, water tank level, outside/inside temperature and alarm set features.

    All our 230v fittings in every campervan are individually tested and certificated by a qualified electrical engineer.

  • Insulation & Flooring

    We don’t scrimp on insulation and aim to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our high quality commercial grade flooring is fully insulated, non slip and looks great!

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    All our T6 campervan conversions are fully insulated behind all side cavity panels with a non allergenic, non irritant insulation that is comprised of 85% recycled plastic bottles and is an excellent and environmentally friendly insulation. UK manufactured by YBS Insulation it carries the brand name Non Itch, it has excellent Thermal Resistance and it is totally free from floating fibres or dust so avoids skin irritation and respiratory problems often associated with other forms of insulation. Being a plastic based product Non Itch will also never absorb any moisture or water and it also rates highly for sound deadening properties.

    Our ply floors are manufactured in the UK to our own design and consist of two layers of ply sandwiching a complete sheet of solid foam insulation – meaning you have insulation across the whole of your floor. Our bespoke approach helps you retain more warmth inside your campervan in the winter and also improves the sound deadening effects.

    All the rear interior sides are fully trimmed in a specialised automobile carpet lining. This keeps you warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and avoids condensation forming on the vehicle’s interior metal bodywork. We don’t simply clip on plastic panels or avoid trimming difficult areas.

    For the floor finish we find that most customers are looking for a practical easy cleaning solution which is hard wearing and most importantly non slip, so we fit a commercial grade vinyl that you’d normally find in locations such as sports centres. Available in a range of colours and finishes, wet shoes will always find a grip and with a super tough material you certainly won’t find the floor ripping, chipping and tearing.

  • Wallas – Diesel Fuelled Combined Hob & Heater

    For a gas free camping experience try the diesel fuelled hob & hot air heating all in one option – enjoy more boot storage space, an easy clean glass surface, a single fuel source, no gas worries and far less condensation. There are plenty of positives!

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  • Webasto – Hot Air Heating and Cool Blowing Fan

    To use your campervan all year around you’ll often find a hot air heater is a valuable friend – we can also adapt heating systems into cooling fans for the hotter summer days.

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  • Webasto – Thermotop Diesel Fuelled Hot Water and Hot Air with Optional Shower

    Blown hot air and continuous hot water from a heat exchanger system – all from a diesel fuelled system. You can even have a shower at the rear of the van!

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  • Soft Thermoflex Lining to Beds

    This internal lining layer not only makes your bed softer but also allows air to move beneath the fabric and quickly dry out any condensation.

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  • Turn Two Single Beds into a Double Bed

    With the addition of a sliding mechanism on the rear single RIB seats, it’s easy to make your two single beds into a double bed.

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  • 2 Metres (6ft 6″) Long Bed

    For taller customers we offer an increase in the length of the rear bed to 2 metres (6ft 6″) in all of our conversions.

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  • Solar Panel

    100 Watt Roof Mounted Solar Panel – lets you sit out the summer months without the need to recharge your leisure batteries either via a mains supply or driving the van,

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  • Safe Box

    With 3mm solid steel sides and a high quality lock, our safe boxes are always securely located fully out of sight. Easily big enough for an ipad and other essentials to be hidden away.

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  • Grill or Warming Oven

    If you can’t be without your toast or crispy bacon then a grill may be a must for you –  but remember that it will be at the cost of cupboard storage space. You can easily make toast though on our Wallas diesel fuelled hob option, so that’s worth a look!

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  • Bike Rack

    An easy fold down bike rack system that can carry up to four bikes with a tailgate or two bikes with double rear doors. No need to remove the rack when it’s not in use.

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  • Leather Upholstery

    Change the look and feel of your campervan with full leather seating throughout.

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  • Waste Water Tank

    There are definite pro’s and con’s to having a waste water tank on your campervan, we hope our explanation will help you decide!

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Why Choose Jerba Campervans?

  • Jerba Campervans is an employee owned business
  • Undertaken full Type Approval safety crash testing
  • We are officially registered with Volkswagen as a vehicle body builder for their Transporter T6
  • Our furniture is individually built by us – we can make layout adjustments to suit you
  • Our design & finish has been recognised through winning magazine industry awards
  • On your DVLA ownership certificate all our campervans are classified as a Motorcaravan
  • ISO9001 – we have full accreditation for this international quality standard
  • Our workshop is fully open to visitors – we have nothing to hide!
  • Pure Delight
    The campervan is pure delight, it puts a smile on my face every time I climb into it, particularly when the weather would make a tent distinctly unappealing! Whether it’s a leisurely week away, or just using her as a mobile changing room for mountain adventures - every time she makes me more sure that we chose the right camper for us. 
    Geoff and Ann
  • Superb Van Conversion
    Excellent build quality comes as standard with this superb van conversion.
    Camping and Caravanning Club
  • Truly Happy Campers
    We absolutely love our van! We haven't stopped driving around with big grins on our faces since we picked it up. The amazing weather has been the icing on the cake and we cannot wait to tour Cornwall in it in June. We're truly Happy Campers thanks to you and your team!
    Rob and Deb
  • Flying Colours
    The campervan is wonderful! We have been out and about from the Lake District to the West Coast, Applecross, the East Coast at Dornoch and wild camping at Melon Oudrigle. So it's had a good test in various weathers, and I can tell you it passes with flying colours!
    David and Gill
  • High Quality
    Our new campervan has been excellent in all aspects and everyone that has viewed it has commented on the high quality of the interior build & fittings! Thanks again for your assistance.
    Gary and Jan
  • Front of the Pack
    Jerba are there right at the front of the pack when it comes to keeping up with the latest legislation and are producing some very impressive products.
    Which Motorhome
  • Precise Fitting
    We also love how precisely Jerba’s furnishings are cut to fit the T5: there are no nooks and gaps where you wouldn’t want them, such as between the kitchen unit and the van wall.
    Practical Motorhome