Interior Finish and Colour Choices

To give your campervan a personal touch we have variety of interior colours and finishes that you can choose from. These cover the furniture boards (both sides and counter top/tables), the floor and the curtains. For an extra cost you can also vary your seat finish to around 20 different leather colours and textures.

Furniture Boards

We have four choices of interior finish for your furniture boards – Puntinella, Terrano, Driftwood and Beech. You can choose any combination of two finishes or opt for one single finish throughout. The most common choice is one finish on all the cupboards and a contrasting finish on the horizontal surfaces of the counter and table tops.

All our furniture boards are made from 15mm lightweight poplar plywood and are laminated on both sides with German manufactured Egger laminate.

Please note that as we ensure that the grain on the Driftwood and Beech finishes matches throughout each single panel this does create more wastage and hence attracts a small extra charge of £150.






We have four choices of interior finish for your flooring – Starburst, Winter Dusk, Woodland Grey and Barley.

All our floors are made in Manchester by Polyflor and are commercial grade safety flooring. They contain tiny aluminium chips to give grip to wet feet, are extremely tough and very easy to wipe clean.

Winter Dusk

Woodland Grey




We have two standard choices to choose from – Blue and Stone. However, we work with an online supplier, Terrys Fabrics, where you can also choose from hundreds of different patterns and designs.

Just click on the following link; where we are happy for you to choose any fabric up to the cost of £10/metre. All you need to do is email us with your choice and we will order the fabric for you and have it sent directly to us. If you do choose a fabric that is priced at over £10/metre then we will simply itemise that extra cost on the final invoice for your campervan.

If you would like samples of any of the Terrys curtain fabric then simply request those via their website.





For the seat and bed fabric we supply all our campervans with the upgraded VW Simora material in the seat centre panels and the VW Black Titanium on the sides and rear, so that the cab and rear seats are identically matched.

For an extra charge of £1650 we also offer 20 different leather colours and textures from which to choose. Where leather is chosen we always finish the bed side of the rear seat in VW Black Titanium as this provides a more comfortable and breathable layer on which to sleep.

Leather Options

leather options



Sample Pack

If you would like to recieve a sample pack with a sample of all our flooring, furniture boards and curtains, just fill out the form below and we will send it over to you. Please note that we won’t share your name or personal details with anyone else.

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