Our New Workshop is Getting Bigger Again

It’s only 22 months since we built and moved into our new workshop. At the time that building seemed enormous, it was a night and day compared to our old rented premises – spacious, clean an warm, with parking and proper offices! However, with very nearly two years now passed and our order book full for almost 12 months ahead, we’ve decided it’s time to add on some additional workshop space.

We’ve just received planning permission to extend our current 640 sq metres of floor by a further 210 sq metres.  It’s great news as it will enable us to improve our productivity and help us to reduce our current customer waiting times for receiving a new campervan.

This brand new production space will be dedicated to the early stages of our conversion work, but in particular the fitting of our own Jerba Campervans elevating roof. Our own roof is a product that we are continuing to develop and refine through learning from ideas and practice in other industries, through our own innovation and very importantly through customer feedback.

For example, as part of our drive to continual improve the product we have just invested in a full seam sealing machine to be used on the roof canvas stitching lines – giving watertight seams just like your Goretex jacket or high performance tent! All campervan elevating roof canvases suffer from water ingress along various seams at different stages of their life and the current solution used by all manufacturers is to just supply customers with a basic tube of seam sealant glue.

This a semi -permanent DIY style solution where the onus is on the customer to undertake all the work – imagine being given a tube of seam sealant glue when buying a new Goretex jacket!! This accepted practice in the campervan market is a poor temporary cure and was one that we were not happy with, so we began a search for a permanent manufacturing solution.

After various product trials we soon came to the conclusion that a machine applied seam seal tape was by far the best and indeed only permanent and 100% effective solution. Our new machine is now in place and staff training is underway. The tape is applied under immense heat and pressure and we can assure you that once it’s on that it doesn’t come off! From now on all our roof canvases will be given this high tech addition – it’s something you’ll not find on any other campervan manufacturer’s elevating roofs, not even the VW California!

To find out more about our own Jerba elevating roof and some other key and different features we’ve included in our design then just click here.