Fridge, Sink and Hob


We always fit Italian designed and manufactured SMEV products. Pressed from stainless steel and with smoke glass lids they look stylish and the glass lids provide vital counter top space when not in use. All our SMEV hobs have either electronic or push button igntion, so there’s no need for matches or separate lighters.

As standard we fit the following in our layouts;

Tiree – separate 2 burner gas SMEV 8022 hob with smoke glass lid and alongside a SMEV 8005 sink with smoke glass lid and integrated tap.

Cromarty, Sanna, Taransay, Jura – combined 3 burner gas SMEV 8323 hob with sink to the right side, smoke glass lid and integrated tap. However, we are flexible and happy to fit separate sink and hob units or different combined units that might be more suitable for you

All our fridges are made by Italian company Vitrifrigo and are compressor design – which means they run solely from the 12v leisure battery system. With a very low power usage, the fridge will on average take no more than 1 amp of leire battery power per hour. We fit two different sizes of fridge as standard – the 51 litre with 4 litre freezer box in our Tiree, Sanna, Jura and Taransay and the 62 litre also with 4 litre freezer box in our Cromarty.


To give almost complete summer time independence a serious option to consider is a roof mounted flush fitting solar panel. We fit a UK manufactured 100 watt panel that has sufficient capacity to both run your fridge and your regular 12v appliances, as well as recharging your leisure battery.

Away from any mains supply, without a solar panel and not driving the van, then the VW factory fitted 75 amp hr AGM leisure battery will run a fridge for up to 3 days, however, where a customer chooses the option of a diesel hot blown air heating (Wallas hob/heater, or Webasto heater) system then we automatically include a leisure battery upgrade to 150 amp hrs, by adding another identical VW 75 amp hr AGM leisure battery to the system.


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