VW Launch New T6 Petrol Engine Choice

Volkswagen have just announced that they will now be offering a new petrol engine option on their Transporter T6 vans – but it is limited to either the 150 bhp manual or 204 bhp DSG (automatic) versions. VW are now open for orders on these two versions and the price difference between this new T6 petrol engine and the current turbo diesel one brings the petrol engine in at £1200 less including VAT.

With the starting prices for our five different conversion layouts being based upon the 102 bhp diesel manual engine, this will then add on £894 for the 150 bhp petrol or £2094 for the 150 bhp diesel option and then £6072 for the 204 bhp DSG petrol or £7272 for the 204 bhp DSG diesel.

The reduction on the intial engine cost has of course to be considered against the greater fuel consumption – we are currently awaiting the consumption figures from Volkswagen and will publish them as soon as we have the final data.

If you’re reading this and already have an order placed and confirmed with us, then I’m afraid that it won’t be possible to change from a diesel to a petrol engine – very sorry.