April 16, 2019

10 Tips For The Perfect Road Trip

When going campervanning it is important that you remain flexible so you can enjoy the freedom of the open road but you must also stay organised so that you can relax with a tasty meal and maybe even a small glass of wine after you’ve finished driving for the day. These 10 tips will ensure your campervan holiday is stress free!

1.Book your first few nights in advance

Campervans are all about flexibility and finding your own way, but it’s still a good idea to book your first couple of nights at a campsite in advance. This will get you off on a stress-free start to your holiday and means you’re not going to turn up somewhere only to find it is fully booked.

2. Be food smart

Keep enough food in your campervan to last a few days after which you can re-stock. Plan simple meals in advance and take a small stash of snacks to avoid costly items from service stations! It’s advisable to buy tubed garlic and herbs and a small supply of soy sauce, pesto and other basic items which can transform the blandest dishes. Try to store your food in sealed containers and store away properly so that it’s not in the way but it is easily accessible.

3.Travel lightly and embrace minimalism

Space is limited so be minimalist with clothing and pack items in a soft bag or carrier bags for easy storage. If you’re seriously questioning whether to take something, don’t take it. Campervans tend to come with very clever storage spaces, so make the most of them. Remember – a place for everything, and everything in its place.

4. Be prepared for rain

You can’t bank on sunshine, at least not in the UK, so come prepared with some non-bulky indoor entertainment- ipads, laptops, portable dvd player or at least a pack of cards and a book. And remember your waterproofs – a little rain doesn’t need to dampen your spirits.

5.Use Campsite Facilities

You can manage surprisingly well without access to proper toilets and hot showers, but it makes sense to make the most of hook up facilities which will help to keep your campervan clean. Make the most of hook up facilities too and swap tips with other campervanners.

6. Be Fuel Smart

Find out your vehicle’s consumption in advance so that you can calculate your miles per litre and how far you’ll get on the fuel you have. Bear in mind that air conditioning lowers fuel efficiency and on the other hand cruise control really helps.

7.Pitch Perfect

If you’re not staying at a campsite, bear in mind some of the natural features which make or break an overnight stay. Overhanging trees, for example, might provide shelter but rain will drip from trees long after a shower has passed and birds tend to leave unwelcome mess on your roof. Use a compass so that you can align you camper to the sun and get the most of the natural light. And wherever possible, choose flat ground.

8. Be flexible

One of the biggest advantages of a campervan holiday is the freedom of the open road. So, while some forward planning is advisable, it can be quite enjoyable to experience a little bit of decision making as you go. If you discover a great location while en route to somewhere else, for example, you always have the option to stay put.

9. Pack a Torch

If a problem arises, it’s likely to be at night so you’ll need some llight. A hand torch is perfectly suitable, but a head torch allows you to use both hands.

10. Relax and enjoy your trip!!

There are no prizes for miles covered or the speed you get from one location to another. A campervan trip should be relaxing and enjoyable, so make the most of the countryside and the joys of B roads – it’s much more fun than the boring motorway.

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