21st December 2020 Update

Following the UK government’s announcement on Saturday 19th December of the new Covid-19 mutation that is showing a rapidly increasing rate of transmission, I am afraid that we have taken the decision to close the workshop to all visitors with immediate notice. On Saturday 26th December the Scottish mainland moves into Tier 4, initially for a period of 3 weeks, which means that we will definitely maintain our ban on visitors until Saturday 16th January  – we will then review our decision according to government restrictions and also when we are able to assess how the wider situation is once the Christmas and New Year period have passed. We have have a more than one employee with a vulnerable family member at home, so it is vital that we do all we can to protect our staff, their relations and the community as a whole.

We do understand that this will be sad news for you if you were planning a trip to see us, but I’m afraid that in the circumstances it has been a very difficult decision that we felt we just had to take. As soon as the situation changes we will update this page straight away.


12th October 2020 Update

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we have been closely monitoring the situation daily and assessing what this means for us, our customers and for the work we do. Closely following government advice, we’ve introduced a schedule that allows our team to work in a safe and practical way. Creating a safe working environment for our team members has been our priority, however, equal amounts of thought and care have been applied to the safety of our visitors too. Our workshop is at the heart of what we do and there’s nothing more exciting than taking a walk through and chatting camper vans.

With this is mind we’ve put together several procedures to reassure that anyone visiting will be safe, protected and can enjoy the experience in a comfortable and exciting way.

Our customer meeting desk and area is now within the workshop, as this gives a large amount of free airspace which would not possible in our usual meeting room. It will mean though that it’s a little noisier than perhaps we’d prefer, but it’s also where more of the action is for you to watch! Our only really sad piece of news is that I’m afraid we won’t be able to serve tea and coffee to visitors until further notice – just when we’d bought some fancy new cafetieres!!

From mid October with the number of coronavirus cases rising fast once more, we decided to tighten further our visitors’ guidelines to which we ask you please to adhere. The purpose of these guidelines is to reduce the risk to you, to our employees and to the community as a whole.

If you are visiting us;

  • When indoors at our premises you must please wear a face mask at all times – any of our employees who are meeting/talking with you will also be wearing a face mask. If you have a condition which prevents you from wearing a face mask then please let us know either before or when you arrive.
  • When entering the building you must please immediately sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided either in our reception or our customer area.
  • If we are showing you around the workshop we ask you to please avoid where possible touching anything. You will be allowed in vans accompanied and there is nothing that we will prevent you from seeing, which just ask you to please minimise touching.
  • We must collect all your personal contact details from you in case we need to contact you afterwards for coronavirus tracing purposes.
  • All visits are by appointment only and the maximum number of people per visit is two – excepting children under the age of 12. You must all be from the same household or social bubble.
  • We’re sorry that we are unable to provide any refreshments, however, a visitor toilet and washroom is available.

If you are dropping your van off with us for conversion or repair;

  • You must please arrive with the interior in as clean a state as you reasonably can – please pay particular attention to tissues, gloves, facemasks, clothes, bedding etc. as we cannot ask employees to move these when they enter your van.
  • If we require access to inside any cupboards etc. to undertake a repair then we will need you to empty those cupboards entirely before we begin work. We can provide you with boxes and then a clean and dry place to store these whilst we undertake the work. After we are complete it will be your responsibility to repack all the items.
  • Before getting into and/or driving your van we will spray the interior with a disinfectant and leave it with the doors shut for 1 hour, so please allow extra time in your visit to cover this The disinfectant will not cause harm to anything in your van. We will also spray the interior with disinfectant when our work is complete and before handing it back to you.
  • We are sorry that we can no longer offer lifts to North Berwick town or the railway station, however, less than a ¼ mile from us just past Tantallon Castle, is Jim’s Taxis (01620 894900). Alternatively we can provide you with a map of the local area where you’ll find hidden woods, beaches and cliff top views all within a 20 minute walk.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to call us on 01620 890374. Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time and please stay safe.

Below is a list of some of the other key things we’re doing with the aim of keeping everyone safe;

  • Roped customer area in open workshop with seating 2m apart
  • Designated individual work zones marked by roped areas
  • Hand sanitiser at entrance/exit points of all work zones and customer areas
  • Relevant staff to work at home where possible or stagger office times
  • Washable masks and gloves provided to all staff and visitors where required
  • Increased signage to remind everyone of social distancing & face/hand hygiene
  • Outside open area for staff breaks
  • Fixed teams for repeated tasks
  • Cleaning of communal equipment after use
  • Designated specific arriving and leaving doors and pathways
  • Separate delivery entrance

To download our full Risk Assessment please click here.



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