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Jerba Campervans lifestyle blog is aimed at anyone with as much passion as us for campervans and the lifestyle they provide. We hope that this inspires you to take the steps towards ordering or hiring a Jerba Campervan, or if you are already a proud Jerba owner we are sure that this will motivate you to adventure further in your camper! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to be featured in our blog. Make sure you also give us a like on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss any of our interesting articles!


Pop Top t5 roof

'Room With A View' Jerba Roof Competition

We have a great competition for all Jerba pop top roof owners! Simply send us in your photos with the view from your unzipped Jerba pop top roof to be in with the chance of winning one of Martin Dorey’s excellent campervan books! Read More

Rental Photo Competition

We have an exciting competition for all our 2018 rental customers! Be in with the chance of winning a free week’s rental in any of our Jerba hire campers during the 2019 rental season. All you need to do is remember to bring your camera and capture all of your adventures in your VW campervan! Read More

Campervan Cooking


The Wonderbag - Slowcooking Unplugged

A slow cooker that doesn’t require any electricity and helps to change the lives of those in developing countries – The Wonderbag is a true wonder! Read this article to find out the benefits that this could bring to your next campervan trip. Read more

Sustainable Foods, Food for Thought?

5 simple tips to become more sustainable when it comes to eating and purchasing food when out in your campervan. These tips will help to provide you with healthier, tastier meals while also improving the environment, public health, communities and animal welfare. Read more

What Cooking Utensils To Pack

When packing up cooking utensils for your camping trip it is important to be savvy to ensure you bring the most effective utensils that take up the minimum amount of storage space in your campervan. We have created a list here of what we believe to be the most important things to remember. Read more

Jacky Little's Scotch Pancakes Recipe

Jacky Little is our queen of campervan breakfasts! Here is Jacky’s own recipe for making her delicious scotch pancakes on your next Jerba adventure! Thanks Jacky! Read recipe

Camping cookbook

Download The Go Outdoors 2018 Free Camping Cookbook

Go Outdoors have released their latest cookbook and it is packed full of tasty one-pot recipes! In this article you can download your FREE copy of the Camping Cookbook….don’t forget to send us photos of your delicious creations! Read more

Simple Campervan Breakfast Recipes

It is important to have a breakfast that fuels your adventures and these recipes do just that! Don’t forget to read our top tips to find out how you can create savvy egg cups which give you more storage space and are great for keeping kids (and adults) occupied while breakfast is cooking! Read more

Jerba Adventures

poland campervan trip

From the Arctic to the Danube: around the Baltic and a bit more!

In this article Iain tells us about their mighty 8,000 mile road trip to the Baltics last year and provides us with his best tips for wild forest camping. At the end of this article we asked about Iain about his Jerba experience and we are very appreciative of his lovely comments! Truly inspirational travel photos through out this article! Read more

T5 camper bike rack

Island Hopping with Sula

If you fancy seeing more of the beautiful UK and Eire in your camper, then look no further for inspiration! Jerba owner Pauline covers Sula’s (the LWB Sanna) adventures as they road trip and Island hop across the UK and Eire. Some great travel inspiration aided by the great photos!!Read more

The Condons' Adventures and Beyond

The Condon’s tell us about their favourite trips away in their LWB Jerba Campervan! Their Jerba Campervan has enabled these wonderful adventures, interesting stories and not to forget the amazing photographs throughout this article! We asked them what their plans were for the future…and we weren’t even the smallest bit surprised by their answer! Read more

jerba roof

The Thorpes' Road Trip To The South of France

In article Ian and Elizabeth Thorpe tell us about their road trip to the south of France in their LWB Comarty. The article cover many benefits their Jerba Campervan brought to their travels – most notably their choice to install a Wallas hob which provided some much needed extra storage for the french wine they bought along the way! Read more


Ian's Spontaneous Trip To The Cairngorms

In this blog article Ian Thorpe tells us about his spontaneous trip to the Cairngorms in his LWB  Cromarty Jerba Campervan! Ian’s campervan provided a base for his winter hill walking in minus 8 degrees. This article also features some idyllic snow covered hilltops which Ian photographed on his unforgettable trip, portraying the benefit of getting out in your camper over the winter months Read more

awning on Jerba campervan

Brambles' Rookie Errors and Top Tips for Awning Users

In this article Fiona tells us about a few of the adventures they have been on in their Jerba Campervan, Brambles, and some of the rookie errors they have made along the way! Fiona has also created a list of 5 top tips for awning users to ensure that you will never again struggle to put up or remove your awning and to make sure no one else ever takes “your” beauty spot! Read more

yellow campervan with kids sitting in front

101 Uses for a Jerba T5!

Tim tells us about the diverse range of uses he and his family have for their Jerba VW T5 Cromarty. From using their van as work accommodation to family getaways their Jerba T5 is definitely the hub of all things going on! Read more

The Condons' Jerba Experience

In this blog article Sarah and Peter Condon tell us what has surprised them about their campervan and why they chose Jerba Campervans. They also give their advice to anyone else who is thinking of buying a campervan! Read more

red campervan sea

Domhnall Jerba far

We asked Domhnall, owner of a VW T5 Cromarty conversion, a few questions about his Jerba experience…so far! We found out he uses his campervan in all weather and not just for holidays but also for work accommodation. Domhnall has a question at the end he would love your help with… Read more

best campsites for campervans

Comrie Croft Eco-Campsite Review

Last weekend, our digital marketing specialist, Erin, took our bright yellow Tiree rental camper out in search of some great campervan campsites. Comrie Croft had excellent reviews and on their website they noted that they had recently put in a dedicated area for campervans. The facilities at this campsite for camper vans exceeded expectations and with their great mountain biking trails onsite it truly is a great place to stop for an adventure! Read more

camping in ireland

All Around The Emerald Isle In A Purple Van

In this article, Fiona tells us of this year’s grand tour of Ireland in their campervan, Brambles. This short article covers the stats, highlights and challenges of the trip and some great photos from their 5-week adventure.  Read more

The Littles' Jerba Experience

We asked Jacky Little a few questions about her adventures so far in her Jerba Campervan and what her future plans were! We also asked her why she chose Jerba Campervans and what advice she would give to people considering to buy a campervan in the future. Here is Jacky’s response. Read more

jerba campervans

The Mellors' Jerba Adventures...In Their 3 Jerba Campervans!!

The Mellors’ are now onto their THIRD Jerba Campervan and in this article Beth tells us why they keep on coming back for more!! Beth also shares with us a few of their trips they have been on in their SWB Tirees. Read More

Driving Your Campervan

european driving regulations

European Driving Rules & Regulations

When going on a European road trip it is important that you know the different driving rules and regulations for all the countries you will be visiting. This article highlights individual European countries different rules on speed limits, alcohol limits and compulsory cargo. Make sure you read this before driving your camper in Europe! Read More

european breakdown assistance

Breakdown Assistance in UK & Europe

We hope that you never breakdown whilst out in your Jerba Campervan, however, if you do the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance provided with all our brand new conversions will ensure the smoothest of service and get you back to your adventure as quickly as possible. All brand new Jerba conversions come with 3-years Volkswagen European Motoring Assistance. This article covers what you should do if you breakdown! Read more

What Class is my Campervan on French Tolls?

In this article, we look at the french toll classes for taking your campervan on the french autoroute tolls. Keith Munro-Brown has been preparing for his first overseas trip to Spain & France in his T6 Transporter and here is his investigation into the toll class of his Jerba Cromarty conversion. Read more

Volkswagen Servicing & Warranty

There are two types of service regimes; fixed service (time and distance) or flexible service (long life service). The VW default and most relevant to the Transporter T6 is the flexible service (long life service). In this article, we will briefly outline both service regimes and also the VW warranty included and the options to extended warranty when purchasing your VW van. Read more

Campervanning Tips

campervan road trip

10 Tips For The Perfect Road Trip

When going campervanning it is important that you remain flexible so you can enjoy the freedom of the open road but you must also stay organised so that you can relax with a tasty meal and maybe even a small glass of wine after you’ve finished driving for the day. These 10 tips will ensure your campervan holiday is stress free! Read more

Benefits Of A Sleepingbag Liner

A sleeping bag liner may be a useful camping accessory to take away with you in your camper. A sleeping bag liner goes inside your sleeping bag and then you sleep inside the liner. They are very compact, insulate in colder climates, are breathable and absorbent in warmer climates and are machine washable – with fast drying times. Read more

how to build campfire

How To Build The Best Campfire

The simple pleasure of  sitting back watching the fire you built burn and popping another perfectly toasted marshmallow into your mouth is unbeatable! That warm fuzzy feeling you get is especially rewarding after a long day of outdoor activity or after a long drive in your Jerba Campervan. Read more

dog camping

10 Top Tips For Camping With Dogs

Warning: contains cute dog photos!!  Taking your dog away in your camper provides you with endless entertainment, you’re guaranteed to make friends on the campsite and they will ensure that you get out and see more! When camping with dogs there are a few things you should remember to ensure you and your dog have an enjoyable and relaxing trip! Read More

bingo playing card

Campervan Road Trip Games

Mobile phones and tablets provide lots of entertainment for passengers on long drives, however, the ‘family time’ that comes with going campervanning is slightly lost – and the driver is left out! Playing group games while driving is a great way to keep entertained and enjoy some family time. This article features Jerba Campervans’ Road Trip Bingo cards that you can print and take on your next adventure! Read more

campervan floor

How To Clean Your Campervan Floor

We met up with Polyflor Flooring to discuss the best way to clean your campervan floor and what products should be used. They highlighted that only alkaline or natural cleansers should be used when cleaning your floor in order to keep it in great condition! Read more

The Jerba Pop Top Roof

T5 pop top

The Ultimate Self-Build Camper With Jerba Roof

We caught up with Angus and Jayne who recently did their own conversion on their own brand new Transporter T6 camper. Their self-build campervan looks great using both of their skills to create a truly unique VW campervan. We are glad that they found the Jerba roof to be of a quality and standard that matched their own high quality conversion perfectly! Read more

VW T5 pop up roof

The Importance of a Ventile Cotton Roof Canvas

Our decision to use Ventile fabric on our canvas has provided many important advantages to our Jerba campers. Ventile cotton dates back to the World War II and has been used on outdoor protective clothing and equipment in the harshest of conditions. This article considers the four main advantages of using a 100% cotton canvas. Read more

Choosing Your Perfect Campervan

Why Choose A Campervan?

The definition of a campervan is fairly straight forward with the Collins dictionary describing a campervan as; “a van which is equipped with beds and cooking equipment so that you can live, cook and sleep in it.” For us, a campervan is much more than that, it is the opportunity for adventure at a moments notice, it is a base for extreme sports, it is connecting with family and it is being that little bit closer to nature and that extra bit further from the rush hour traffic jam! Read more

Why Choose A Jerba Campervan?

Selecting a conversion company to undertake the task of creating your dream campervan can be a difficult decision. We feel that it is important to select a company that has an impeccably high level of; quality, customer service, corporate social responsibility, safety and innovation. Furthermore, the company must understand your needs! Read more

VW T5 pop up roof

The Importance of a Ventile Cotton Roof Canvas

Our decision to use Ventile fabric on our canvas has provided many important advantages to our Jerba campers. Ventile cotton dates back to the World War II and has been used on outdoor protective clothing and equipment in the harshest of conditions. This article considers the four main advantages of using a 100% cotton canvas. Read more

VW T5 Pop Top

It's The Small Things That Make A Big Difference

Sometimes it’s the smallest campervan conversion ideas that makes the biggest difference to your adventure. At Jerba Campervans innovation is pivotal and this ensures that we continue to adapt our conversions to meet your needs. Here is a list of 5 of our small innovative conversion ideas that have made a big impact. Read more

Campervan Solar Panel

Shining a Light on Campervan Solar Panels

A solar panel on the roof of your camper van can dramatically increase your independence. In the summer months, the right size and quality of panel will produce sufficient amps to run your fridge, lights and water pump without the need to plug into 230v mains power or drive the vehicle to recharge the leisure battery. In this article, we discuss our decision to use PV Logic Flexi Solar Panels. Read more

Active Lifestyle Sports

shetland sunset

Simon Willis: Meet Nellie

In the first part of our active lifestyle sports series Simon Willis, mountaineer, Ironman athlete and proud Jerba Owner introduces us to his Jerba Campervan, Nellie! Read more

Sea Kayaking

Simon Willis: Nellie Goes Sea Kayaking

It’s the tuba player I feel sorry for.  I bet no-one ever says, “hey we’re having a party, bring your tuba!”  It just isn’t going to happen.  Being a sea kayaker is a little like being a tuba player. Read More

Simon Willis: Nellie Goes Cycling

Nellie makes our cycling adventures so much easier.  She’s our long wheelbase Jerba Campervan, and I’m telling a few tales of how she has become an integral part of the various adventure sports that feature in our lives. Read More

Wild Swimming

Simon Willis: Nellie Goes Wild Swimming

Then there’s the realisation that, as human, you are completely out of your natural element; vulnerable, unable to breathe below the surface, and potentially prey to what lies beneath.  Yet part of your brain is more than comfortable, it’s hyper-alive. Read More

Triathlon Running

Simon Willis: Nellie Does Triathlon

While folk dash around until late in the evening of the pre-race day, Nellie and I relax in the campsite next to the race village.  Come early morning, when other racers were driving to the event at 3:30am to catch the 4:30am shuttle-bus to the swim start, Nellie and I were already there Read more

Outdoor Photography Tips

Steven Ingle: 5 Photography Tips For Beginners

If you are new to photography and you don’t know where to start, or perhaps you’ve been out in your camper recently and can’t figure out why the snaps of your adventures don’t look as good as the real thing. If this is the case, then this collection of top tips from our in house photographer Steven Ingle will help you to improve! Read more

Steven Ingle: 5 Smartphone Photography Tips

Smartphone cameras are constantly improving with the leading smartphones enabling you to take excellent quality photographs that you can then quickly edit and share with friends! Here are 5 top tips for taking photos in the outdoors with your humble smartphone. Read more

Winter Tips

winter campervan

Winter Tips: Cosy Campers

Here at Jerba we don’t believe that using your campervan should just be limited to the warmer months, instead we think that you should get out in your camper as much as possible! In fact, there are many advantages of going out in your camper in the winter.This article highlights the advantages of a Jerba Campervan in the winter and also provides five top tips to ensure you are a cosy camper Read more


Winter Tips: Storing Your Campervan

We understand that going out camping in the winter months is not for everyone. However, leaving your van unused in cold conditions can damage your van if you don’t do a few simple things beforehand. Follow these top tips before your Jerba camper van goes into a brief hibernation to ensure it remains in great condition and is ready for your next adventure! Read more

10 Winter Driving Tips

Winter driving can be a challenge even for the most experienced driver. Follow the 10 tips in this blog article to ensure you have a safe winter trip in your Jerba Campervan. Read more