Campervan Lifestyle Blog

Jerba Campervans lifestyle blog is aimed at anyone with as much passion as us for campervans and the lifestyle they provide. We will cover a number of key themes, initially including active sports, photography, cooking, winter tips and much more. We hope that this inspires you to take the steps towards ordering or hiring a Jerba Campervan, or if you are already a proud Jerba owner we are sure that this will motivate you to adventure further in your camper! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to be featured in our blog. Make sure you also give us a like on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss any of our interesting articles!

Winter Tips

Winter Tips: Cosy Campers

Here at Jerba we don’t believe that using your campervan should just be limited to the warmer months, instead we think that you should get out in your camper as much as possible! In fact, there are many advantages of going out in your camper in the winter.This article highlights the advantages of a Jerba Campervan in the winter and also provides five top tips to ensure you are a cosy camper Read more

Winter Tips: Storing Your Campervan

We understand that going out camping in the winter months is not for everyone. However, leaving your van unused in cold conditions can damage your van if you don’t do a few simple things beforehand. Follow these top tips before your Jerba camper van goes into a brief hibernation to ensure it remains in great condition and is ready for your next adventure! Read more

Active Lifestyle Sports

shetland sunset

Simon Willis: Meet Nellie

In the first part of our active lifestyle sports series Simon Willis, mountaineer, Ironman athlete and proud Jerba Owner introduces us to his Jerba Campervan, Nellie! Read more

Sea Kayaking

Simon Willis: Nellie Goes Sea Kayaking

It’s the tuba player I feel sorry for.  I bet no-one ever says, “hey we’re having a party, bring your tuba!”  It just isn’t going to happen.  Being a sea kayaker is a little like being a tuba player. Read More

Simon Willis: Nellie Goes Cycling

Nellie makes our cycling adventures so much easier.  She’s our long wheelbase Jerba Campervan, and I’m telling a few tales of how she has become an integral part of the various adventure sports that feature in our lives. Read More

Wild Swimming

Simon Willis: Nellie Goes Wild Swimming

Then there’s the realisation that, as human, you are completely out of your natural element; vulnerable, unable to breathe below the surface, and potentially prey to what lies beneath.  Yet part of your brain is more than comfortable, it’s hyper-alive. Read More

Triathlon Running

Simon Willis: Nellie Does Triathlon

While folk dash around until late in the evening of the pre-race day, Nellie and I relax in the campsite next to the race village.  Come early morning, when other racers were driving to the event at 3:30am to catch the 4:30am shuttle-bus to the swim start, Nellie and I were already there Read more

Choosing Your Perfect Campervan

Why Choose A Campervan?

The definition of a campervan is fairly straight forward with the Collins dictionary describing a campervan as; “a van which is equipped with beds and cooking equipment so that you can live, cook and sleep in it.” For us, a campervan is much more than that, it is the opportunity for adventure at a moments notice, it is a base for extreme sports, it is connecting with family and it is being that little bit closer to nature and that extra bit further from the rush hour traffic jam! Read more

Why Choose A Jerba Campervan?

Selecting a conversion company to undertake the task of creating your dream campervan can be a difficult decision. We feel that it is important to select a company that has an impeccably high level of; quality, customer service, corporate social responsibility, safety and innovation. Furthermore, the company must understand your needs! Read more

Outdoor Photography Tips

Steven Ingle: 5 Photography Tips For Beginners

If you are new to photography and you don’t know where to start, or perhaps you’ve been out in your camper recently and can’t figure out why the snaps of your adventures don’t look as good as the real thing. If this is the case, then this collection of top tips from our in house photographer Steven Ingle will help you to improve! Read more

Steven Ingle: 5 Smartphone Photography Tips

Smartphone cameras are constantly improving with the leading smartphones enabling you to take excellent quality photographs that you can then quickly edit and share with friends! Here are 5 top tips for taking photos in the outdoors with your humble smartphone. Read more