January 24, 2020

Why do we use Ventile on our Pop Top Roof Canvas?

Ventile Cotton is ‘The world’s most effective, natural, all-weather cotton textile’. When we first started designing the Jerba roof one thing that was of top priority was to have a removable, eco-friendly & better quality canvas than anything currently available on the market. Where most would start their material selection by looking at costs, and what might ‘do the job’, we decided to make a long list of exactly what we would want in our perfect canvas. This led our founder, Simon, down a deep dive into suitable materials and in the end Ventile was the only fabric that made the cut. You might be asking, what makes Ventile so special? Why is it the perfect material for pop top roofs? Well, below you’ll find the reasons why, in this short guide to Ventile cotton.

IT’S SUSTAINABLE (ECO-FRIENDLY) – Ventile is made from renewable, organically grown cotton. Grown with sustainability in mind, Ventile is a 100% natural cotton fabric made from extra-long staple cotton yarn that is only grown by 2% of the world’s cotton farmers. This niche marketplace, combined with their Swiss ethical trading and environmental standards, makes Ventile a great choice for those who care about our Earth and future generations.

IT’S WINDPROOF – A totally windproof barrier protecting you from wind-chill. The close weave of Ventile stops wind passing through the fabric, preventing the wind chill factor from having a detrimental effect. Ventile’s use on major Arctic , Antarctic and Himalayan expeditions is testament to the confidence placed in this fabric by professionals operating in the world’s most extreme and hostile environments.

IT’S QUIET – Rustle free, in harmony with nature. This one is particularly important on your pop top roof, as a noisy canvas can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Your campervan should be a home away from home no matter what the weather.

IT’S WATER REPELLENT – In extremely wet conditions a slight darkening and stiffening of fabric demonstrates the ‘Ventile Action’. The change in the physical appearance of the fabric indicates that a small amount of water has been absorbed to allow fibres to swell and thus stop the passage of water through the fabric. Drying in normal conditions is fast.

IT’S AGEING RESISTANT – The fabric is very long lasting. Ventile is subjected to some of the most stringent tests in the textile industry which include, tensile and tear strength, waterproofness using a Hydrostatic Head rating, abrasion tests, shrinkage, weight per square metre and colour fastness.

IT BALANCES CLIMATE CONTROL – Warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm.

IT’S HIGHLY BREATHABLE – World’s most breathable weather-proof fabric available. This is down to the dense weave used to manufacture the fabric. This is particularly useful in a campervan as the living environment is small, Ventile will keep you warm and cosy, but will be breathable so you don’t feel stuffy and avoid dreaded condensation on the inside of the fabric.

EXTRAORDINARY HAPTICS – Warm, smooth and natural fabric surface. Quality has a feel, in the fabrics industry that feel is Ventile.

IT’S COMFORTABLE – 100% COTTON – Ventile is now becoming very popular in the fashion industry. It’s not a new textile, but it’s becoming increasingly more popular and it’s no surprise why. Ventile also campaign for slow fashion, the idea being that well made quality clothing should last a lifetime.

To read more on Ventile visit – www.ventile.co.uk

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