Highest Quality Finish & Parts

Highest Quality Finish & Parts

Jerba Campervans is committed to producing a high quality product from high quality parts – from fully European tested rear travel seats right down to the furniture screws!

Rear Travel Seats

For rear travel seats we will only fit seats that are fully 100% safety approved for use on European roads.

Putting the safety of your passengers first, we have invested heavily in this aspect of our conversions, and for all our conversions we have passed certified crash simulation tests by the UK Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) – physically pull testing our fitting system of our rear belted travel seats to ensure that they meet the highest standard of Type Approval (National Small Series Type Approval – NSSTA). This test measures the method by which we fix these belted seats into the floor of our T6 campervans.

See video footage of our own actual tests and to learn more about Type Approval regulations and requirements.

The rear travel seat that we install is made by French manufacturer Scopema Sarl and as a seat in its own right it has also passed the statutory European tests for seat back and headrest strength.


Non Itch Recycled Plastic Bottle Insulation

We always use Non-Itch as our insulation material. Made from the recycling of plastic bottles, it contains none of the irritant fibres found in the standard Rockwool type insulation product. It provides a safe product for both yourself and our fitters. Manufactured in the UK and with an excellent insulation u value, in contrast to Rockwool type insulation materials which are heavily moisture absorbent, as 100% plastic microfibers it will never absorb any moisture or water. For every one tonne of plastic bottles recycled, Non Itch saves one and half tonnes of carbon emissions.


Hand Cut Furniture

Every T6 campervan conversion we undertake is treated individually. All our units, cupboards, shelves, counter tops and tables are cut by skilled finishing carpenters, made to measure and fitting exactly. No gap exists between the back of a counter top and the vehicle side or window, ensuring that your cutlery, pens and spilt drinks stay in sight and don’t disappear into and behind your cupboards below! Our senior carpenters are all fully qualified and all our younger carpenters are put through a four year modern day apprenticeship.

We only ever use the very best light weight poplar Ilomba plywood, made by Spanish firm Garnica, which is fully laminated on both sides with hard, German manufactured, Egger laminate – far harder than any paper or vinyl covered product. Scratch and scuff resistant your campervan furniture will still look new after years of use and being half the weight of standard plywood you’ll also be carrying around half the load – increasing your payload and improving your miles per gallon.


Kitchen Counter Grade PVC Furniture Edge

To ensure your campervan lasts the tests of time, we finish our furniture with a hot glued PVC edge tape that won’t fall off and peel away. Applied in house on our own shaped edge banding machine, the tape is bonded with pressure and glue at over 200 degrees centigrade then trimmed by our finishing carpenters. Not only does this give a far tougher finish that the standard rubberised knock on trim used by DIY style converters, but also gives a sharper and more professional look.

VW Varta Leisure Batteries

Open the bonnet of a Mercedes or Volkswagen manufactured vehicle and 90% of the time you’ll find a Varta battery. Produced by German manufacturer Johnson Controls, Varta is a leading global brand recognised for being of the very highest quality. We order all our VW T6 base vans with the VW factory fitted AGM leisure 75 amp hr battery with charge relay and this system is programmed by VW to work together with the vehicle’s own Engine Control Unit (ECU) that optimises the charging of both the leisure and vehicle battery. Whenever we fit a hot blown air heating unit within our campervans we also fit an additional identical VW AGM leisure 75 amp hr battery to give 150 amp hrs of leisure battery power – an identical set up to the VW California! We also locate this extra battery on the underside of the van in a rigid stainless steel cage – the favoured leisure battery location for the vast majority of converters is under the cab seats or deep in a rear cupboard, our solution keeps all acid out of your living space and importantly gives you more valuable cupboard and storage space!


Door Latches & Catches

After too many years of fitting the alternative plastic product favoured by so many campervan conversion companies, we sought out an alternative product that wouldn’t cause cupboards and doors to stick and jam. More commonly found on luxury yachts our latches and catches are a far more reliable product and give your campervan a smarter and more professional finish.

Virtually all of the screws used in our T6.1 conversions are manufactured by the German companies Wurth or Hafele. With harder heads, stronger tips and deeper threads these screws can be tightened further and harder than cheaper brands, meaning your conversion is secured firmer for a longer safer life.



Full Gas and 230 volt Electric Certification

Tested by engineers with full and specific qualifications, every campervan we produce is delivered with individual certificates showing complete electrical and LPG testing and compliance.
Our LPG bottle storage boxes are made completely of folded and welded steel, this is not simply a part steel lined wooden box. With a fully sealed access door and venting through the floor we ensure that no gas will make its way into the living area of your campervan. The locker is large enough to carry either two Calor propane/butane 3.9kg cylinders or two Camping Gaz butane 907 cylinders.

All our 12v and 230v power supply units are manufactured in the UK by established Hull based motorhome specialist Sargent Electrical. Building units for many of the country’s leading motorhome brands, Sargent Electrical build our VW T6.1 campervan kits and looms on a bespoke basis to ensure that our electrical systems are always a perfect fit.



Commercial Grade Flooring & Fully Insulated Floor

Our ply floors are made specially for us in the UK and consist of two layers of ply sandwiching a complete sheet of solid foam insulation – meaning you have insulation across the whole of your floor. Our bespoke approach helps you retain more warmth inside your campervan in the winter and also improves the sound deadening effects.

Made by Manchester based Polyflor, the vinyl floor we fit to all our conversions is more commonly used in such locations as leisure centres, where foot traffic is high and conditions can be slippery. Available in a range of shades, small aluminium chips imbedded in the material provide fantastic grip even with the wettest footwear. Virtually indestructible this flooring won’t succumb to tears and scratches like so many cheaper versions.


Wallas and Webasto Hot Air & Water Heating

Adding a diesel fired heating system to a T6.1 requires a new fuel line to be added to the vehicle fuel tank. Our installation of this fitting has been fully pressure tested and approved by the UK Vehicle Certification Agency and is part of our European Type Approval certification – ensuring your installation is done to the highest European standard. In the T6.1 the hot air heater tucks neatly away under the driver’s seat step on the vehicle underside and gives you hot air in a matter of minutes. Wallas and Webasto heaters also have full European Electro Magnetic Compatibility approval so you can also use the heater while your vehicle engine is also running.




We’re always looking at ways to improve the quality of our finishing and to improve the look and practicality of your conversion. Never afraid to try new ideas we’re happy to listen to and work with you. From a fully removable elevating roof canvas to hidden water and 230v inlet points, we’re always looking for new ideas!

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