October 16, 2019

Volkswagen invited us to the launch of the NEW T6.1 in Mallorca… here’s what happened!

Jerba Campervans is a registered campervan converter for the VW T6 and now the T6.1, this is gained by invitation from Volkswagen themselves and is held in very high regard throughout the industry. This status comes with certain perks, such as VW inviting us along to the launch of the brand new T6.1 in Mallorca.

Our Workshop Supervisor, Alan, who is a fully qualified VW master tech electrician, and our Customer Support Manager, David, both reluctantly volunteered themselves for the ‘work trip’ to Mallorca where they would spend two days exploring the features on the new T6.1.

Upon arrival Dave and Alan were handed the keys to a brand new, fully specified T6.1 Multivan, and off they set to find their own way to the hotel. This was the perfect chance for a thorough test drive and it definitely impressed.

So what’s new on the T6.1?

The T6.1 features include a redesigned front end, refreshing the vehicle’s appearance. High-intensity twin-halogen headlights and daytime running lights are included, as are new LED rear lights (trim dependent). The T6.1 also has new-look alloy wheels to complete the stylish exterior.

On the inside things are a little different, as the T6.1 is designed with driver comfort in mind. There’s a significant improvement in the standard equipment offered and many comfortable extras that boost the car-like driving experience.

For a full list of the new features and a detailed explanation of what they do please see our recent VW T6.1 Campervan blog.

After the short drive across Mallorca Dave & Alan settled into their all-inclusive stay at the Robinson Club Cala Serena before heading out for the official launch for the new Transporter T6.1. First up for the guys was to test a T6.1 double cab pick-up. A drive up into the mountains of Mallorca to an isolated but scenic olive grove was the perfect route to test the vehicle. It handled the twists and turns with ease and the rough track into the grove simply proved how much VW has improved the ride quality of the vehicle. It was comfortable and impressively quiet.

While at the olive grove there was an opportunity to try one of the T6.1s new Driver Assistance Systems, “Trailer Assist”. The system automatically manoeuvres the vehicle and trailer during parallel and reverse parking. Steering of the vehicle is achieved by using the mirror adjust control. It worked like a dream and Dave who admits to not being brilliant at reversing a trailer, managed to reverse a large horsebox around a corner first attempt with no problem.

Next was a Caravelle! After some time exploring the features of the stunning new standard infotainment system, with App-Connect and a 6.5” touchscreen, it was off for an extremely comfortable air-conditioned drive around a sunny and beautiful Mallorca. The Caravelle was bursting with all the standard and new options available on the T6.1: Traffic Sign Recognition, Crosswind Assist, Park Assist and many more. Alan’s favourite was the Active Lane Assist, this countersteers the vehicle if the driver unintentionally drifts from a lane whilst emitting audible and visual warnings to alert the driver to the danger.

After a tough day driving, Volkswagen treated everyone to a beautiful evening meal in a stunning surrounding with local Mallorcan food and (with one or two drinks!) to round off a fun and very informative day.

So, what do we think about the T6.1?

In a word… Excited! The T6.1 is without doubt the all-new Transporter to have and it definitely meets expectations. VW has pulled out all the stops to make this a perfectly refined drive and the new styling is very current and stylish. It is a well-engineered & well thought out vehicle, right down to the small details such as the materials used in and around the cockpit. There’s a feeling of great quality and comfort that we have come to expect from Volkswagen vehicles – they have delivered once again with the new T6.1

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