December 20, 2022

Campervan Safety – Alarms, Locks, Trackers & Dash Cams

By Euan Ross – Jerba Owner

Making a big financial commitment buying our dream Jerba Campervan, security was high on the agenda.

With the VW alarm fitted as standard, we looked at what additional security measures we could put in place to give ourselves maximum comfort and peace of mind.


This was a priority for us and many insurance companies now insist on a tracker when the vehicle is above a certain value.

Protector Pro Global (Thatcham S7 rated) enables you to track your vehicle at any given time but we upgraded to Smartrack S5, a Thatcham S5 rated system, which offers the Driver Recognition System.

This requires you to have the Driver ID card or app activated, and on you when you drive the vehicle. This tells Global Telmetrics, the tracking company, that an autorised driver is using the vehicle. If you don’t have the device with you, once the vehicle is moving you can expect to receive a call from them for confirmation that you are driving the vehicle and that it is safe.

The benefit is that you are immediately altered to your vehicle moving, potentially without you being in it.

Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock provides a great visual deterrent.

There are many products on the market and many websites providing you with their Top 5 devices.

We wanted something that was simple and quick to take on/off and that could be stored easily in the front of the campervan whilst we were driving.

In the end we opted for Milenco’s Commercial High Security Steering Wheel Lock which is 15cm longer than their standard model to ensure it comes into contact with the windscreen of a van/motorhome. Another popular option is the Disklok, although storage was one of the main reasons I didn’t opt for it.

We find the Milenco very easy and quick to use, even if we are just popping into the shops for a minute, and it lies flat on the floor beside the handbrake whilst we are driving.

Attached to the steering wheel.
Stored between the seats beside the handbrake.

Dash Cam

We have had both front and rear dashcams fitted to our campervan, hardwired by Jerba so all the cabling is out of sight.

As with most things there are a number of options and we opted for the Kenwood A601 and R200 bundle which can provide up to 4K recording and from the research I undertook, worked well in low light conditions at night.

Having Jerba hardwire the cameras enables us to use Parking Mode…

When your vehicle is parked, the Smart Parking Mode becomes active, shutting down everything except the G-Sensor to save power. If your car is then subjected to a physical impact. Your dashcam stores the footage leading up to and after the incident.

I have been impressed with the camera, it’s hidden behind the rear view mirror so it’s not a distraction, and from looking at the footage it covers a great angle of the road, both at the front and rear.

It just offers us peace of mind knowing that all driving footage is constantly recorded if we were to be in an accident.

The Front Dash Cam (it shows the Rear picture in the bottom right corner).

Spare Wheel Security Lock

If you have read the VW T6 forums as I have you might be aware of spare wheels being stolen. That is because it is very each to just lie on the ground, undo the bolt, and take the wheel.

Sparesafe offer a security lock and bolt which works is in a similar way to alloys, you need the correct key to undo the bolt and release the spare wheel.

The red casing offers a visual deterrent and it is quick and easy to fit giving you peace of mind that your spare wheel will be there when you need it!

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