February 23, 2022

Why You Should Get A Campervan Habitation Check?

Habitation checks are an inspection of the living part of your campervan. The habitation check is designed to help provide trouble free operation and enjoyment of your camper. It ensures the correct function of all appliances as well as the safe operation of any gas installations and electrical equipment.

As well as ensuring the comfort, functionality and practicality of your campervan, regular habitation checks are integral to preventing costly damage to your vehicle. Here at Jerba
Campervans, we offer a set of tailored habitation services at competitive prices, so our customers can make sure their vehicles are safe to use and that they are ahead of any potential problems.

The health of your vehicle’s habitation area is paramount for the safety of you and your family when you’re out and about on a camping trip – especially if you’re new to campervans or are buying a second hand vehicle.

Here are our top reasons to consider a Habitation Check!

For Safety

The safety of your camper van or motorhome is important. When you live in your camper or motorhome, it becomes a home away from home. Before you hit the road with, it’s vital that you have a habitation check carried out by a trained professional to ensure a safe and successful road trip.

Avoid costly repairs

The Habitation Check is carried out internally and externally to identify any potential problems with your campervan conversion. With a detailed list of the condition of your vehicle, you can get any issues fixed before they cause expensive damage, saving you money in the long-term.

Resale value and peace of mind

We want to make sure your motorhome is in full working order and safe to use. By inspecting your vehicle, habitation checks are an insightful and useful way to see what
condition your motorhome is in. This is a particularly useful document to have if you’re thinking of selling your motorhome and can ensure that you receive the best possible price.

Don’t get stuck on holiday

Imagine the horror of setting off only to land at your campsite 200 miles away and realise you have no cooking, cleaning, or heating appliances working. Habitation checks are an annual way to avoid disaster, protecting yourself, your family and loved ones from a worst- case scenario.

Book your habitation check at Jerba

Habitation Checks are important tests that should be done periodically throughout the lifetime of your camper van. We offer two levels of Hab Check here at Jerba, our Basic and our Advanced. As an NCC Approved manufacturer, our dedicated technicians are able to offer full habitation checks for your vehicle. Our inspections are thorough and are carried out in accordance with published guidelines and a detailed assessment will be produced that identifies any areas that need further inspection, rectification, or upgrading.

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