November 1, 2019

Sean McFarlane recently took the Sanna and his family to Scotland’s glorious west coast, and loved every minute of it.

In Scotland the fried egg forecast does come, just sometimes, and when it does, it’s great to be able to drop everything and just go and enjoy it. And we did. Late September and with not a cloud in sight my wife and I headed north west with our 4-year-old daughter Holly in the amazing Sanna for some family fun, sun, sea and maybe just a wee triathlon.

We based ourselves at the Sunnyside Croft Touring and Camping Site just north of Arisaig. Arriving on Thursday evening, and even at that late hour the beach was still the order of the day, well more like the demand of Holly. It usually pays dividends to grant her wishes on such occasions – she’s always known how to live the outdoor life to the max. A quick evening dip for her then back to the van for dinner and a couple of beers to watch the sun setting over Rhum, Eigg and Muck. If life gets any better than this, I’ve yet to hear about it.

Friday was a day of swimming, building sandcastles and applying significant amounts of sunscreen for late September, all cloaked in the very comfortable sleeping and general living facilities of the Sanna. Talk did turn at one point to selling up….. As luck would have it, well it might have been planned a bit, there was a triathlon on Saturday just a few miles north at Traigh. I’ve often gazed at its incredible beach and thought how perfect it would be for a triathlon, if only the weather played ball. Well it did that Saturday. As I lined up on the beach for the start with the other 100 competitors, it was a grin fest. The clear and warm (yes warm!) water was a joy to swim in. The bike route wound its way at first south and through Arisaig and then north to take in Morar and past its glorious beach. The out and back run course was tough and the sight of our campsite was difficult to resist, and then I remembered we’d parked the Sanna at the start, which was also the finish. The prospect of a lie down with a cup of tea in the van gave me just the motivation I needed to help me cross the line in first place! Life in the old dog yet, just. And the Sanna ensured that.

Back to the van with the roof up, Holly lay down in her roof top bed to get out of the sun. Kettle on, we cheered on the other competitors. At the end of it all, we couldn’t quite tell whether people were looking admiringly at us due to the glass trophy I won or the Sanna. It was very nice winning a prize, but I know what impressed me most and I suspect everyone else. I always race best when things around me are good, and the Sanna ensured that. It really does make you feel invincible!

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