December 23, 2019

The Campervan Channel – Everything You Need To Know About Buying A T5 or T6 For Your Campervan Conversion

This year at the NEC Motorhome and Caravan show David, from our team, was invited to talk about all things VW T5 & T6 on The Campervan Channel.

The VW T6 Transporter is a fantastic base vehicle for campervan conversion – but which version of the Volkswagen T6 do you choose? This video features expert advice from David here at Jerba campers, after turning the original T5 and T6’s into campervans for years we are now converting the very latest T6.1.

Dave guides you through all those big decisions. Why convert a T6 – and how different are they from the T5 they replaced? And what body style do you choose? Is a panel van, a VW Kombi, a Shuttle or a Caravelle the best donor vehicle to be transformed into a camper. And how crucial is the choice of pop top or hard top roof?

There are tips on choosing between short and long wheelbase models as well as a brief review on the T6.1 as a base for a campervan conversion.

Below are both videos David filmed. The best T6 for Camper Conversion and The best T5 for Campervan Conversion.

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