May 2, 2019

Construction Begins of our New Campervan Workshop!

After over two years of negotiations, discussions and planning meetings, we have eventually started work and are delighted to see that the construction of our new campervan workshop has begun.

The site is to the east of North Berwick and is about 2 miles away from where we are currently based. Our building will be part of a development that is taking place at a former mushroom factory which ceased trading in 2011.

The building will increase our factory floor space by around 30% and also provide us with much needed added mezzanine and external storage. For those of you that are familiar with our current rented premises, our new building will also be properly insulated, which will make a change from the 1960’s thin walled, draughty place in which we presently work! We are also planning on installing a biomass heating system in conjunction with a couple of other businesses on the same site – so we’re also looking forward to a marked decrease in our carbon footprint.

I’ve been taking a few photos of the build as it progresses .We are still at the foundation and floor stage, but the steel framework will very soon start to be erected and the building will quickly begin to take shape.

We have decided to continue with our current layout and not to create a designated showroom area. In our experience we have found customers find seeing behind the workshop doors a rewarding experience which allows them to see the work and detail that goes into our conversions. We always say that we have nothing to hide and customers are more than welcome to take a good look behind the scenes to make sure they’re fully confident in the campervans we produce.

Within the new building layout there will be a considerable improvement to the customer waiting area and toilets, our existing arrangement has always felt a little rough and ready! Our parking facilities will also be infinitely better, as we will no longer be competing with the car garage across the road and the bus depot around the corner!

With the build going as planned, we aim to be moving in at the end of August. This is an important move for Jerba Campervans and it will allow us to both work more efficiently within a purpose designed building and also gradually increase the number of T6 campervans we produce –  reducing our often 6 month lead time would certainly be news that many customers would welcome.

I will keep adding photos of the build as it progresses, so do keep having a look from time to time!

Thanks for keeping in touch with us and remember that we’re always happy to receive photo’s of your campervan travels!

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