May 2, 2019

VW T6 Campervan Workshop – Build Update

It’s been a frustrating last couple of months! Despite our new VW T5 campervan workshop being virtually finished a few weeks ago, we have been delayed and delayed by problems with our new water and electricity supplies.

Finalising utilities to a new site is a tougher and more prolonged task than we ever thought was possible!!!

Because of these problems we have just taken the decision to delay our move until the new year, so it will now be mid January before we leave our current site and relocate those couple of miles down the road.

We’ve spent a great deal of care and time in making our new workshop as energy efficient as we can. We’ve focused on maximising insulation and on a construction that is as airtight as we can hope to achieve on an industrial building. This will cut out drafts and reduce heat loss – lowering our energy use. We’ve posted with this blog a photo of the building being tested for its air leakage. We had a building regulation target of 10, but we achieved an amazing 2.4, which is better than most residential houses!

We’ve also continued to work with Scottish Enterprise on improving our business processes and productivity and they have now helped us develop a bespoke IT system for our stock control and parts distribution. This will enable us to ensure that we have accurate control over the parts we order and hold for each T6 conversion. It’s an area for which we have always in the past used a paper system and although that’s been reliable, it’s also been time consuming. This new IT approach will free up time for us – time we can instead spend on developing and improving our range of VW T6 campers.

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