September 6, 2019

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If you’re not already following us on Instagram, maybe it’s time to start. Each week, we bring inspiration to those who love travel, those who are thinking of making the leap into a camper van lifestyle, and those who simply want to see a ‘behind the scenes’ here at Jerba Campervans.

Here are some reasons to follow us on Instagram and what you can expect to see from us!

Awesome travel photography!

With so many Jerba Campervan owners out and about it’s no surprise that we regularly receive some excellent images that we love to share with our Instagram community. From breathtaking views to camper canines, we post it all!

Campervan or Camel on your next summer holiday?

Behind the scenes!

Take a look into our world class workshop to find out how the team at Jerba keep our standards high and see our latest innovations in action. Learn about some of the skills and techniques we use to keep us at the top and see some of the interesting activities our marketing team get up to.

Customer adventures!

When you become a part of the Jerba Campervans community we don’t just send you off on your way in your new camper van never to hear from us again. Through building strong relationships with every customer we often end up following them through some epic adventures and inviting them to write all about it here on our blog! Instagram is the first place to hear about our next customer adventure, so make sure you’re signed up for your next fill of inspiration!

Join us!

Click here to join us over on Instagram and send over any images you might want us to share! We’re always open to engaging with our community! Got a story to share from a past adventure in your Jerba? Email – We would love to hear it!

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