June 13, 2019

Best Mattress Topper for my Campervan Bed

Choosing the right campervan mattress topper

It’s taken us four years of trying different options before finding what we consider to be the ideal option for a perfect night’s sleep in the van.

We started off with just a fitted sheet on the bed; far too hard for us. Then, added a polyester filled mattress topper ( Dunelm £40 approx ) – better but still a bit firm for us. We then used one of the bunk foam mattresses plus the mattress topper – much better but a bunk mattress does not fully cover the bed area and it’s also a bit awkward to fold into the back when the bed is closed up. So, after reading a lot of reviews, we opted for the . This is a memory foam mattress with the memory foam constructed in coil form. Depth is 7cm.

We find it really comfortable and it folds over easily into the back when the bed is closed up. I believe it’s the coil construction that makes it easy to fold – ordinary memory foam more awkward to roll or fold back. Some mention in reviews that all memory foam products give off an odour for a few weeks; this was not an issue for this mattress topper though we left it out in the garden for a few hours after unpacking.As the photos show, the fit is perfect.

If you buy from Dormeo it’s about £230 and you get an extended guarantee and a trial period when you can return for a full refund if not satisfied. We bought ours from Wayfair for about £170 (1 year guarantee/no trial). So far ( about 60 sleeps ) very pleased and no obvious signs of distortion, wear or compression.

Eurig & Sarah 
Proud Cromarty owners in North Wales

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