February 26, 2021

Join The Jerba Campervans Owners Group

You asked and we listened! The Jerba Campervans owners group is now live on Facebook and it’s filled with valuable content.

The group is a community of owners, both new and old, with potential new owners looking joining to ask a question and get a feel for the community.

Join here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/jerbacampervansowners

We already have over 200 members and the chat has been flowing with some excellent conversations happening every day. Just the other day a new member of the community asked ‘what would you do differently?’ and so far there’s been 60 comments from Jerba owners giving their best tips and experiences. It really is valuable.

We also have our monthly Q&A where Steve answers any and all questions you may have in one informative video, perfect if there’s something you’ve been wondering for a while and never found the chance to ask.

It’s brand new, but we plan to grow over the years and become a place where we all share our top tips, experiences, favourite camping spots and any other information you might find valuable. We hope to see you there, you can join the community via the link below.


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