August 1, 2019

VW T6 Cab Side Window Drip Strips

There’s not much more annoying than opening your front door after a rain shower to find a stream of water falling from the roof of your van straight into your van, or even worse, onto your head!

As a company filled with keen campervan owners we often discover little issues during our travels that allow us to innovate and create simple solutions that trickle down to our customers. This attention to detail is important in helping us to provide the very best in campervan experiences.

One such product is our Jerba Campervan Drip Strips, which can be easily installed at home and solve one of those little annoyances that can spoil your day!

It’s simple, follow our instructional video below and save yourself from a soak next time you head out in the rain.

Our drip strips cost £22 + PP each. Click the button below to get yours

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