April 16, 2019

Benefits Of A Sleeping Bag Liner

A sleeping bag liner may be a useful camping accessory to take away with you in your camper. A sleeping bag liner goes inside your sleeping bag and then you sleep inside the liner. You can get different shaped liners to fit your sleeping bag and you can chose from different materials depending on what the main purpose of your liner is. We would recommend a microfibre liner as they are very compact, insulate in colder climates, are breathable and absorbent in warmer climates and are machine washable – with fast drying times. This diversity makes them a perfect accessory to keep in your van for every adventure, here are 4 reasons why:

1. Extra Warmth

In the winter months having a sleeping bag liner can add extra warmth by providing an extra layer of insulation. It is similar to adding a blanket on top of your duvet. This is great if you prefer to sleep with your heater off during the night. If you chose to sleep with a duvet you can still sleep in your liner under your covers if you are cold and this will give you extra layer of insulation on a cold night. If you want a liner that is just for extra warmth you could also chose a thermal sleeping bag liner.

2. Extra Cool

On the other hand, if it is a hot night instead of using your sleeping bag or duvet you can sleep in just the liner. This is good if you adventure to hotter climates in your campervan.

3. Easier To Clean

One of the main advantages of a sleeping bag liner is hygiene. You often will sleep in your campervan after a day of outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. If you have a sleeping bag liner, then you won’t have contact with your sleeping bag while you sleep. This protective barrier means that any sweat or dirt from outdoor activities won’t be absorbed by your sleeping bag, keeping it clean. Then you can simply wash your liner whenever necessary – it is much easier and simpler to wash and dry the liner while on a road trip than it would be to clean your sleeping bag. This will also help to protect and extend the life of your sleeping bag as it won’t need to be washed as often.

4. Storage

Fitting all your accessories into your van can be a struggle sometimes. Sleeping bag liners come in a small drawstring bag and are very light. Therefore, if you decide to take a liner on your future trips it won’t take up much storage space in your van. Furthermore, if you take a liner for extra warmth or plan to use it on its own in warmer climates, it will take up much less storage space than a blanket.

Photo Credit: Iain Roy

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