April 16, 2019

Campervan Road Trip Games

Mobile phones and tablets provide lots of entertainment for passengers on long drives, however, the ‘family time’ that comes with going campervanning is slightly lost – and the driver is left out! Playing group games while driving is a great way to keep entertained and enjoy some family time. The classic I Spy is always a great starting game when you’ve been driving in your camper for a long time to keep kids…and adults entertained. However, soon comes the question, ‘what other road trip games can we play?’ Here are our top 5 games that you can play (after I Spy!) while on a road trip in your VW campervan! Don’t hesitate to bend and create your own rules to keep the games and the journey exciting!

1. Road Trip Bingo!

Click on our 3 bingo playing cards and print them out to take on your next adventure in your Jerba Campervan!

bingo playing card


bingo playing card

The Game: Scavenger hunting through your campervan windows!


  • Simply get the kids to cross off the object when they see it.
  • The player who crosses off all nine first is the winner and must shout “campervan” (you can’t shout “house” on a campervan road trip, can you?!)

Players: 3

2. Sheep on my side!

sheep in field

The Game: Shout when you see sheep!

The Rules:

  • When you see sheep on your side of the road, you have to shout, “sheep on my side!”
  • Every time you call sheep, you get a point
  • If you see sheep on the other side of the road you shout, “sheep on your side!”
  • If you say, “sheep on your side,” before the other person you get the point.

Players: 2 players or 2 teams

3. Sweet or Sour?

children in campervan

The Game: Just smile and wave!


  • Take it in turns to smile and wave at a person either in another vehicle or walking past
  • If they wave back they are sweet if they don’t they are sour
  • You get a point for every sweet person that waves back

Players: 2+

4. Twenty


The Game: Count to 20 as a group but never in unison!

The Rules:

  • One person starts by saying 1
  • Another person follows at random with the next number and then another and then another.
  • Keep going until you get to 20
  • If two people say the same number at the same time, you must start again
  • If there is longer than five-second between numbers, you must start again

Players: 3+

5. Yes or No?

yes or no signs

The Game: Mind reading!


  • One person thinks of something – it can be anything.
  • Everyone else as a group has 21 yes or no questions to try to guess what it is.
  • If someone guesses correctly before the 21st question, that person is the winner and goes next.
  • If no one figures it out, the person answering has won and goes again.

Players: 2+

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