April 15, 2019

Domhnall Jerba Experience…so far

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We asked Domhnall, owner of a VW T5 Cromarty conversion, a few questions about his Jerba experience…so far! We found out he uses his campervan in all weather and not just for holidays but also for work accommodation. Domhnall has a question at the end he would love your help with…head over to our Facebook to give your answer!

What’s been your favourite trip away in your campervan so far and why?

Our best trip to date has been to France. It was a long drive down to Portsmouth for the ferry but when we got off the next morning in Brittany it was worth it. We spent two weeks touring in the Vendee, the Loire Valley and Normandy. We have discovered a chain of independently owned camp sites called Les Castels. Each of the sites is family run and they tend to be in the grounds of Chateaux. The sites we have stayed at all have loyal followings of families who return year after year. On one of the sites we were lucky enough to arrive when the  owner threw a huge BBQ for everyone staying. It was clear from speaking to people that the owners and guests were like old friends. Some people were there who had come as kids themselves and were now returning with their own children.  The only down side of this trip was that the temperatures were in the low 30s. Since our van has no air con it was a very warm time, turning up the fans in the front of the van was just like being hair dryered! Our next van will have air con for certain.

Has anything surprised you about your campervan that you just didn’t expect?!

We had a previous campervan which Jerba had modified for us. We were so impressed with their work that when it came time for a new van the choice was obvious. It’s the little thoughtful touches that make the difference and sometimes they only become apparent when you speak to people with other makes of camper. The least obvious, yet useful one is the rubber strip above the driver’s door which stops water pouring down on the driver or in the window. It’s such a useful thing I had no idea it wasn’t a standard VW thing until I heard someone moaning about water run off.

In between holidays I often have to travel with my job and sometimes the accommodation we are given isn’t the greatest. I always take the van. Not only is it a comfortable place to sleep but it is also a great mobile office. I’ve done umpteen conference calls from the back of my van and have even used it to conduct staff appraisals. A camper van is the ultimate versatile vehicle. Fitted with all season tyres it’s equally at home in the sunshine or the snow and ice of a ski resort.

campervan in the snow
two red campervans

What would you say to someone who’s considering buying a campervan?

Try before you buy. It’s a big purchase and you may find the reality isn’t exactly what you expected. It’s a phenomenally versatile vehicle though. We use it all year, not just for camping trips.

Why did you choose Jerba Campervans?

A friend of mine knew someone at Jerba and when I was looking to have some improvements made to my old van he suggested I call Simon. As soon as I got chatting to him it was obvious Simon understood exactly what I wanted. Although I wasn’t buying a new van Simon reckoned he could squeeze us in between new vans and suggested he could give our order to one of the apprentices as a mini project if I was happy with this. The work was perfect and we were very pleased. When we were looking for a new van we didn’t hesitate to call Jerba. Since then we’ve recommended Jerba whenever we’re asked about our van and at least two Cromarty’s have been ordered by friends of ours (including Tim who came up with the lengthy list of things to do with a Jerba).

What’s next?! Where are you planning to go in the months and years to come?

We didn’t use the van for our main holiday last year as we were visiting friends and family in Canada but this year we’re off back to France, visiting the same camp sites we did in 2016 – if it ain’t broke…….  The only part we haven’t planned yet is where to camp in England on the way back. So if anyone has any good suggestions within an hour or two of Portsmouth heading North please get in touch. (Please reply in the comments section on the Facebook post)

campervan reunion

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