April 16, 2019

European Driving Rules & Regulations

When going on a European road trip it is important that you know the different driving rules and regulations for all the countries you will be visiting. To make sure you know the driving rules and have all the necessary equipment here is a great infographic from Confused.com
european driving regulations

Extra Important Information

Drink Drive Limit Scotland

The drink drive limit in Scotland is lower than that of the rest of the UK at only 50mg per 100ml of blood.


As previously mentioned a personal breathalyser is needed when driving in France. The breathalyser has to be certified by the French authorities, showing an ‘NF’ number. The official text states that one unused breathalyser should be produced. We recommend two single-use breathalysers are carried, so if one is used or damaged you will still have a replacement to produce.

GB Stickers

The Jerba plates that we provide as standard for all our campervans are Euro-plates and have the GB Euro-symbol on them. This means that you will not need GB stickers if you have Jerba plates on your van. However, if you don’t have Jerba plates on your camper it is compulsory that you have GB stickers when driving in any European country.

On The Spot Fines

It is important to know that all European countries can issue on-the-spot-fines.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Before taking your campervan abroad contact your insurance company to notify them of your intentions, and ask their advice. It is important to know what level of cover you will have and what documents you need to prove it.

Warning Triangle

When in Switzerland the warning triangle must be within reach – not in the boot.


Spare bulbs are compulsory when driving in Croatia.

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