April 16, 2019

Steven Ingle: 5 Photography Tips For Beginners

If you are new to photography and you don’t know where to start, or perhaps you’ve been out in your camper recently and can’t figure out why the snaps of your adventures don’t look as good as the real thing.

Whether you are using a smartphone or a camera, these tips will help improve your knowledge and ensure you get an excellent photograph – that will ultimately make your friends (…and us) very jealous of your travels! Here, you will find Steve’s top 5 tips for beginners that are sure to get you taking better pics in no time.

1. Straight horizons

Nothing ruins a great photo quite like a crooked horizon, and it’s such a simple step that so many neglect. Most viewers will quickly notice something not being quite right about a photo when there is a squint horizon, similarly most photographers will quickly forget to shoot straight when taking a series of hand held photo’s. The beauty of this tip is that it can be applied to any camera, be it a smart phone or a Hasselblad.

Sure, you can import your photo into photoshop and straighten your horizon there, doing this however will crop the image and reduce the resolution. If you can, use a tripod and make sure the first thing you do is set a straight horizon. If you don’t have a tripod don’t worry just take the time to make sure your phone or camera is straight and use both hands.

2. Leading lines

Another great technique for outdoor photography is leading lines. Using a leading line gives a photo more depth and makes it more realistic by drawing the person to the background from the foreground. This can be done with natural lines such as a footpath or road. An example of this is Steve’s photo of our Jerba Campervan below, the lines of the road draw the viewer into the centre of the scene making it hard not to focus on the campervan.

3. Make a list of shots you’d like to get

If you think of an idea you would like to try or you see something worth returning to, jot them down in your note pad. If you’re stuck for inspiration one day simply pop open your journal of golden photo ideas and choose one or two that suits. Steve likes to spend a quick 15mins before every photo shoot jotting down what he would like to achieve that day, simply having an idea of what you want to achieve will do your photography wonders.

4. Keep your camera with you all the time

Some of the greatest photo’s of our time came from budding amateur photographers who happened upon the right thing at the right time, check out this photo for instance, good job he had a camera in his backpack! Photography doesn’t have to be a science and most of the time it’s all about being able to apply the basics quickly when great opportunities presents themselves. Using these basic tips and arming yourself (or van) with a camera

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment

If you’re using a digital camera, go crazy. It’s not like the olden days when film cost money and the waiting time for your photo’s to develop was an age. Take as many as possible, you can always delete them later, you might just get something you like.

6. (BONUS) Shoot at golden hour

The golden hour, usually the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before the sun sets, when subtle pinks and vibrant reds fill the sky with drama and photographers flock out in their masses. Luckily sunsets can be seen from almost everywhere, so grab your camera, pick a spot and use the tips in this guide to create a stunning, highly dramatic picture of your pride and joy, your Jerba campervan.

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