April 15, 2019

The Little’s Jerba Experience

We asked Jacky Little a few questions about her adventures so far in her Jerba Campervan and what her future plans were! We also asked her why she chose Jerba Campervans and what advice she would give to people considering to buy a campervan in the future. Here is Jacky’s response.

What’s been your favourite trip away in your campervan so far and why?

All our trips have been fabulous for very varied reasons. Our very first trip away was special as it was 4 days after we took delivery of our vehicle and we only had to travel two miles along the road to a spectacular site overlooking the Firth of Lorn on the west coast of Scotland. Golden sunsets, daytime temperatures of 22 degrees and no midges was sheer heaven. Our most recent trip was memorable for a very different reason. We bought the campervan for winter trips as well as summer and I am an Aurora Borealis hunter. I have to point out that as an Aurora hunter I stand outside in the dark in temperatures around freezing point for hours and hours on end, staring at clear starry skies and waiting for the Merry Dancers to appear. Sitting in the campervan near Thurso with the heater on and the window open, with my camera poking out of the window and watching the Aurora Borealis was luxurious. I can’t wait to do it again.

Has anything surprised you about your campervan that you just didn’t expect?!

We are very glad we chose the more powerful 150Bhp engine. The pulling power is phenomenal and we are able to safely overtake vehicles if we get caught behind someone slower.

What would you say to someone who’s considering buying a campervan?

Definitely try before you buy and then if you get ‘hooked’, do your research and buy from Jerba ?.

Why did you choose Jerba Campervans?

We have been campers for 20 years and know what makes a good camping holiday even better. We were ‘glampers’ before the phrase was coined and when we decided to move into the world of campervans we did a lot of research, read a lot of magazines and looked at loads of conversion websites. We tried out different company conversions, different vehicle manufacturers, SWB v LWB and with each trial we found faults or areas that we would improve. We said things like, ‘what this really needs is small storage spaces for little items’ or ‘this campervan could really do with a table that swings outside’ or ‘this would be perfect if the table converted to freestanding outside’. One day we came across Jerba’s website and it was nothing short of a miracle that they mirrored our every thought. Everything we had suggested as changes was already standard on their conversion. We made an appointment within a week to visit the workshop and on our first visit we booked our conversion slot. Visiting the workshop demonstrated their high quality of work and their attention to detail………and all the staff were friendly and enthusiastic. We felt at home with like-minded people.

What’s next?! Where are you planning to go in the months and years to come?

Days out with friends, more Aurora hunting trips near and far, walking weekends in Scotland, fossil hunting in Caithness, otter watching in Mull, watching beautiful sunsets on the west coast, family get togethers……. anywhere and everywhere in Scotland and the UK and then when we have retired venturing to Europe……… the possibilities are boundless and exciting

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