April 16, 2019

What Class is my Campervan on French Tolls?

Keith Munro-Brown has been preparing for his first overseas trip to Spain & France in his T6 Transporter and has been looking into the French autoroute tolls for campervans. Here is what Keith found:

The cheapest French toll class is class 1 but that is for light vehicles upto 2m high, but the Jerba published height of the Cromarty Transporter T6 is 2m. So, is the Cromarty class 1 or class 2 (upto 3m)? As typical cost difference is about 50% more for class 2 I thought it was worth checking, so armed with a spirit level and weighted tape measure I checked several locations on roof and the max. height I found was 199.2cm, so class 1 it is.

This should also decrease as that was with camper empty. But as this is very close others should perhaps check theirs as it will vary with wheel/tyres fitted/pressure (I have 17″ alloy thunder wheels with 235/55 tyres which make my van 8mm higher than the standard 16″ steel wheels with 205/65 tyres). When I googled it, I found that VW California are class 1 so that gives a bit more confidence. I have also purchased a tag from Saneftolling.co.uk which should hopefully help avoid queuing, it arrived within 2 days and it works by direct debit. I hope that may help others and the savings should fund the first few bottles of red!

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