Slide Window Midge Screen

Slide Window Midge & Fly Screen

Keeping the smallest of biting and annoying insects out of your campervan can often be the difference between making or breaking a fantastic trip away – the West Highland midge is a particular offender! 

We’ve developed a fly net for the rear side slide opening VW T6 (& T5) windows that fit neatly into the open glass – please note that the VW factory fitted slide windows on a T6.1 are a different size, so this midge screen won’t fit, but we are currently working on a new T6.1 fly screen aswell.

A handy product that we have designed and had manufactured ourselves – after too many midge experiences! Please note that the midge net will only fit into genuine Volkswagen slide opening side windows, it won’t fit into any copy style Transporter slide opening windows.

With a tough mesh material that won’t snag and catch the midge screens are simple to slide into place and will still allow the window to be slid back and forth and secured in the various locking holes – from fully open to almost fully closed, but not completely shut tight. We supply them singularly or in pairs. They are £59 each.

I’m afraid we currently don’t have an online order facility, so to order please just go to our Midge Screen enquiry form let us know whether you’d like one or two and and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

For the sale of each screen we donate £5 to Malaria No More UK (registered charity no 1126222). £5 is enough to buy, deliver and hang a life-saving bed net for a mother and child in Africa, helping to protect them from malaria.

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