Awning Rails, Awnings and Sunshades

In order to attach a free standing awning to a T6 you will also need an awning rail. Our T6 awning rail moulds to the curve side of the vehicle and provides a stylish professional look that wonít detract from the overall look of your van. test

Extruded from black solid plastic it provides a solid method to thread in the piped edge system sewn onto every awning. It will also accept the quick release Kador system. Our rail is bonded onto the side of the van whicn very importantly avoids the need to drill any holes – a requirement on virtually all other awning rails on the market. Exterior holes inevitably eventually succumb to water and rust.

Freestanding Khyam Awnings

Having tried and tested a variety of tents and awnings, we highly recommend the Khyam products as probably the best on the market. They are very well constructed with high quality tough materials and with fully taped seams to avoid leaks. Their quick erect system with prethreaded poles is also extemely quick to out up – wth no poles to thread all you have to do is click into place two prethreaded pole. With a little practice one person can erect the awning in 10 minutes and take it down in less.

Khyam Dub Hub Driveaway Awning – free standing awning giving 9 square metres more space! Simply use a kador strip to thread the awning on and off, meaning you can detach the awning from the van and drive away in seconds. The awning then has a full side that just zips up to leave a regular free standing tent ñ you can leave all that extra gear safely in the tent, go off for a day out and save your campsite pitch! With the Dub Hib it is also possible to add an inner tent with sleeping compartment, a separate ground sheet and extra extra zip on/off additional sleeping extensions.

T6 Tailgate Awning – attaches over an open tailgate and gives 2 metres by 3 metres of living space at the rear with an option for a 2 berth inner sleeping tent. This style of awning works very well with our Sanna or Taransay layouts where you have rear access to the campervan.


We offer three different options on sunshades, from a simple fold away to the permanently fixed boxed style above the side sliding door.

Khyam – a simple lightweight folding sunshade. With three poles and guys it is fast to put up and down. It packs up small and is easily stowed away.
Isabella – more robust than the Khyam sunshade and made from a thicker fabric. More sturdy in a strong breeze but bigger to pack away and more expensive!
Fiamma – a permanently fixed aluminium box above the side sliding door that keeps the sunshade rolled up inside. It rolls out easily in less than a minute and is available on all out layouts. Sections for the front and side are also available so you can create a fully enclosed awning, however, driving away and leaving the awning standing is just not possible as it is an integral part of the van. On our elevating roof designs it also requires the awning rail to be fitted as part of attaching the box to the vehicle. It is available in either titanium or matt black finish, but is by far the most expensive of the three sunshade options!

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