Waste Water Tank

Waste Water Tank

To avoid driving around with the extra weight of waste water we opt not to fit a waste water tank as standard and feel that a simple bucket under the waste pipe is an easy solution to rid yourself of your unwanted waste water.

We have also tend to find that many waste tanks quickly become dirty inside and can easily leave a bad odour within a campervan as it can creep up via the sink waste pipe.

However, if you would like to have a waste tank fitted then we can fit a 29 or 21 litre tank on the underside of the T6 either beneath or just behind the driver’s door step.

Please note, that if you are also having a Webasto Airtop diesel hot blown air heater fitted then this would mean that your second leisure battery would have to be moved from its location on the vehicle underside to underneath the rear RIB seat. For more information on the Varta AGM leisure batteries we install and where we locate them please go to our Gas & Electrics section.

When installing a waste tank on the underside of a VW T6 one of the key problems is to ensure that there is sufficient fall and slope on the waste pipe to allow the waste water drains quickly and efficiently from the sink – with very limited places for locating a waste tank, it’s not as easy it sounds! To overcome this problem, in our Sanna, Jura and Taransay we also fit a gulper pump, this is a pump that literally draws the waste quickly from the sink and into the tank.

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