Webasto Thermo Top Evo Hot Air & Water

Webasto Thermo Top Evo Hot Air & Water

We recommend a diesel fuelled hot water and hot air system, for which we always install the Webasto Thermo Top Evo, a product that we have found to be the best quality on the market. Just as Volkswagen in their factory, we install the unit on the underside of the T6.1.

The heater, which we connect to run only from the leisure battery, will give you hot air within 3 to 5 minutes of starting up and hot water within 5 to 10 minutes – all without the need to have your vehicle engine running.

The system is not based around a hot water storage tank, but instead uses heat exchanger technology to give you instant hot water drawn direct from your cold water tank – as long as you keep filling up the cold water tank, have diesel in your tank and power in your leisure battery, then the hot water won’t stop. You won’t have to worry about a small hot water storage tank, used by virtually all competing products, running out!

The Thermo Top Evo as standard also includes hot blown air which is controlled by a series of three fans giving a variety of speeds and air circulation. With a thermostat control inside your campervan, you set how hot you want to both the hot air and hot water to be – the heater will just turn on and off to maintain your chosen setting and a mixer tap on the sink gives you full control of the ultimate water temperature.

For those customers who definitely need a hot water supplied rear shower, then the Thermo Top Evo is a perfect solution as it will provide ample hot water without the need for a 230v supply. One downside to the system that you would need to conisder are the parts that are required do take up some cupboard and storage space – a header tank, a fan blower box and a heat exchanger plate occupy a space of around 400mm x 400mm x 400mm in total. In the Tiree and Cromarty we locate all these parts under the RIB seat and in the cupboard immediately alongside on the driver’s side and in the Sanna, Jura and Taransay below the hob within the kitchen unit on the passenger side.

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