Cupboards and Tables

Cupboards & Tables

All our furniture material is made from lightweight Ilomba Poplar plywood which is produced specifically for the motorhome and campervan market. We only use designs that are fully laminated on both sides with German Egger laminate, giving you the maximum in hard wearing finish both inside and outside your cupboards – it won’t easily dent, cut and chip like paper and vinyl covered products will.

A high quality finish on your cupboards and lockers is often what makes your campervan stand out. We don’t just assemble and install pre cut kits, all our furniture is scribed and hand cut by our own finishing carpenters to fit perfectly to the shape of the campervan – you won’t find gaps down the back of our counter tops where you could lose your cutlery, pens and worst of all spilt food and drinks!

We also finish all our furniture with hard PVC edge banding, applied on our own in house machinery. Far more durable than DIY style soft rubber trims, PVC edging gives a highly professional finish that is more familiar to kitchens at home. It will be as good after 5 years as it was after 5 days.

We have invested in machinery and training to allow you to make changes to your furniture layout whilst still offering the very best finish ñ a service that virtually no other UK VW campervan conversion company can offer.

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