Seats and Beds

All our conversions are fitted as standard with fully belted rear seats that have been safety tested by Jerba Campervans to full Type Approval regulations & the highest level of safety testing. Simulating an actual accident these regulations physically test the methods we use to secure the rear seats into our conversions. The seats are manufactured in France by Scopema Sarl and are known by the brand name RIB.

The rear seat is shaped for comfortable travelling and inverts to form a completely flat bed free of lumps and bumps. Integrated headrests are standard and simply push down into the seat for night time, avoiding the need to store them loose elsewhere.

In our Cromarty and Tiree designs flexibility in the boot storage are is also part of the design; the rear third portion of the bed lying closest to the tailgate not only folds flat for sleeping, but can also be simply rotated into a vertical position allowing you to carry tall, large or awkward items easily in the boot. It’s a far more useful solution than a fixed parcel shelf.

With VW factory fitted swivelling front passenger and driver’s seats as standard in all our conversions, it is a simple task to rotate the seat to face the rear and create a highly communal feel.

Across our conversions we offer a range of seating widths:

Tiree – our standard Tiree rear seat is 120cm wide and is for 2 travelling passengers (with an option for a wider 129cm seat that will take 3 passengers – click here), however the bed is around 10cm wider than the vast majority of other similar layout short wheel base campervans on the UK market. At 186cm in length it will allow someone up to 6ft 1 to lie out flat, but we do also have an option to lengthen the bed to 2 metres (6ft 6).

Sanna, Jura & Taransay – a pair of 60cm wide seats is standard in all these similar layouts which when folded down and combined with the fully swivelled front seats, form two single beds each measuring 60cm wide and 185cm long. There is also an optional extra on the seat design that with a small gap in between the front seats, enables them to be slid together over the centre aisle to create a 120cm wide double bed that is also 2 metres long (6ft 6) With the seat frame remaining fixed to the floor and just the cushion section moving, the optional slide system will also allow you to slide either seat forward by 20cm for both travel or leisure – with children sat behind the front seats this option allows you to move them closer to you for picking up those dropped toys without too far to reach! Please note though that it’s not possible to slide the two rear single seats together for travelling.


Cromarty – our standard Cromarty rear seat is 129cm wide and is for 3 travelling passengers. At 186cm in length it will allow someone up to 6ft 1 inch to lie out flat, but we do also have an option to lengthen the bed to 2 metres (6ft 6).

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