Solar Panel

Solar Panel

A solar panel on the roof of your campervan can dramatically increase your independence. In the summer months, the right size and quality of panel will produce sufficient amps to run your fridge, lights and water pump without the need to plug into 230v mains power or to have to drive the vehicle in order to recharge the leisure batteries.

To maximise the solar output we always fit a 100 watt solar panel. The panel can be mounted on the roof of all our T6 conversion layouts, either elevating roof or fixed high top, is robust and very low profile at only 3mm thick. The cabling from the panel is connected from the underside so there is no need for a connector box on the panel’s topside – removing the risk of water ingress into the connections.

The panel is covered by both a 5 year warranty for the product as whole, aswell as a 20 year cell performance warranty which states that at 20 years the cell output will be no less than 80% of the new performance value.

On the best sunny days with the correct angle of sunlight to the panel, this 100 watt panel can produce up to 20 to 25 amp hours of charge – which is about equal to what your fridge will draw. The output can be connected directly through our Sargent electrical system the amps produced by the solar panel are split between the leisure and vehicle battery, meaning that if you leave your vehicle parked up and not used for a period then both batteries are constantly being topped up.

Please note that the panel will never produce enough amps to run a diesel heater on UK winter days – the days just aren’t long and sunny enough, the angle of the sun is too low and the heater will draw too many amps.

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