Wallas Diesel Fuelled Combined Hob & Heater

Wallas Diesel Fuelled Combined Hob & Heater

Designed and built by Finnish company Wallas, the product has been launched into the UK leisure vehicle market after a number of years in the marine leisure world. The flat glass plate hob provides an excellent easy clean cooking surface and with a smart stainless hinged lid the hob can be turned instantly into a thermostatically controlled hot air heater.

The product has a number of key advantages over both the traditional gas (LPG) hobs and the diesel fired hot blown air heaters;

  • No Gas Concerns – no possible gas leaks to worry about, no need to plan which canisters and adapters to take abroad and no swapping over that empty LPG cylinder on a wet dark night! You also don’t have to remember to always switch your gas off when driving or struggle to lift the boot when a full cycle rack is attached!
  • One Fuel Source – just simply fill the vehicle diesel tank as you do to drive the van.
  • Reduced Condensation – when burning LPG on a standard gas hob a significant amount of water vapour is released into the inside of the van from the combustion process. The diesel hob has fully sealed combustion with all water vapour ducted out and under the van, keeping your moisture levels down and vastly reducing condensation.
  • Less Power Consumption & Quieter Fan – compared to traditional diesel fired hot blown air systems the Wallas unit has a thermostatically controlled heater which varies in speed as the temperature rises and falls – avoiding the irritating on off on off behaviour of rival products that can keep the user awake. The Wallas fan system also requires far lower levels of battery ampage than competing products, taking just less than one amp per hour – its fan is also far quieter meaning your sleep isn’t disturbed.
  • Easy Clean Glass – no fiddling with cleaning around gas burners, metal pan supports, electric sparkers and gas control knobs. The unit is completely flat glass, so all it needs is a wipe down!
  • Loads of Boot Space – without the need for LPG canisters there’s no need for a gas storage box in the rear boot area of your campervan. This significantly increases storage space meaning you can carry more gear away on your trips.
  • Clean Burning – you might assume that as the unit burns diesel it’s smelly and fumy! Wallas though have produced a product that burns smoke and virtually smell free. This is demonstrated by the fact that they are allowed to run the hobs at indoor shows and exhibitions across the UK – venues at which regulations are always very strict.

What are the negatives? We can really only find one! From being switched on, the unit takes around 5 to 7 minutes to heat up properly, so you just need to plan ahead slightly. But you’re relaxing and more than likely on holiday, so the slight delay shouldn’t really impact your day!

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