April 16, 2019

How To Clean Your Campervan Floor

In all our Jerba Campervans we use Polyflor flooring. Polyflor’s flooring is highly durable and slip resistant making it the perfect flooring for a campervan. Polyflor pride themselves on their sustainability and their vision is to be as carbon neutral as possible, as well as being socially and economically responsible. The flooring contains recycled material and is 100% recyclable making it a great product for us to work with to keep in line with our own sustainability goals.

It is important that when cleaning your campervan floor, you try to use alkaline or neutral cleansers to clean it. Cleansers such as Flash which have pine and bleach content should be avoided where possible as this can sometimes remove the PUR surface and may on occasion cause yellowing.

Routine Maintenance

  • Remove surface dust and grit by sweeping or vacuum.
  • Apply a solution of neutral cleanser (or alkaline cleanser, dependent upon the level of grease or oily contaminants), diluted to the manufacturer’s instructions, with a spray over the section to be cleaned. Leave for sufficient time to react with the soiling.
  • Pick up the solution with a clean microfibre cloth or mop, using a continuous side-to-side motion. When the mop head or cloth becomes loaded, it will start streaking the floor. At this point a clean mop or cloth should be used.
  • Where detergent residue remains on the floor surface, the area should be rinsed completely with clean, warm water and wiped dry with a clean cloth.

Polyflor have provided us with a number of recommendations for cleaning products that can be used on your campervan floor:

Neutral Cleanser:

  • Active Cleaner – DR Schutz
  • Liquid 99 – British Nova
  • Prodet – Prochem
  • High Class – Evans Vanodine

Alkaline Cleanser:

  • Clean and Strip – Dr Schutz
  • Novaways – British /nova
  • Powerclean – Prochem
  • Lift – Evans Vanodine

Polyflor have a vast range of flooring available for Jerba Campervans. To see our standard flooring and to request a sample pack click here.

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