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The J-Pod is a new addition to our range of campervan layouts that offers the maximum in flexibility.

The design features an easy removable kitchen & storage unit that is fully usable both inside or outside your van – by linking directly to the van for electric power and water supply, we maximise the cupboard storage space and cooking facilities whilst giving you more hours of leisure battery time and litres of drinking water than you’d ever expect from a campervan removable unit.

Click Here To Watch The Video: “The J-Pod – A Revolutionary New Camper Van Pod Design”.

You can use the J-Pod in Four Different Ways

Full Unit in the Van – with the J-Pod unit safely secured into the van you’ll find handy made to measure fold up tables at either end, giving a perfect height eating with the swivelled driver seat and providing ideal extra space to the rear. Linked up to the 38 litre water tank and full leisure battery system both located on the van and to the LPG supply in the unit itself, you’ll be able to live comfortably with cooking and washing facilities to hand.

Half in Half Out – the kitchen unit splits into two, one part with the sink and one part with the hob. Choose which you leave in the van and which you leave at home, or perhaps place one in your awning once you’ve arrived at your destination. The sink unit is built to house an optional 21 litre Dometic Tropicool portable coolbox which simply plugs in at the back of the cupboard – keeping food fresh and cold without running out of battery power won’t be an issue.

All in the Awning – outside connections fitted to the van allow the whole J-Pod kitchen unit to be taken outside and just hooked up to your van water supply, the 12v leisure battery system and the 230v – you’ll then be able to lock the van without any trailing leads and hoses snagging the doors. Great in hot weather to keep cooking heat and smells out of your van or for perhaps keeping precious items locked and secure in the van whilst you’re away or asleep.

Empty Van or Car for Five People – choose the option of the VW factory fitted removable rear seats for three, then simply remove the J-Pod unit at leave it at home, but still keep a full 12v electric leisure supply, LED lighting and 230v hook up. With the option of an elevating roof and beech slatted roof bed you could still sleep in comfort in the J-Pod van – to make life even cosier there’s also an option of adding a Webasto hot blown air diesel fired parking heater.

  • Removable kitchen unit

    Removable kitchen unit that can be located and fully used either inside or directly outside the vehicle. Drinking quality water outlet points and 12v & 230v output supply sockets easily accessible both inside and outside the van.

  • Jerba Elevating Roof

    Jerba Campervans own front or rear elevating roof design – fully unzippable and removable canvas with stitching tape seam sealed, breathable high grade Ventile cotton canvas. Max vehicle exterior closed height of 2 metres.

  • Roof Bed

    At 120cm, all our elevating roof beds are wide enough for two people to sleep, and with the strength to support 150kg, you’re OK with either adults or children.

  • 12v & 230v Electrics

    Full Sargent EC155 power system with full 12v and 230v built into the van rear interior panel. Full vehicle charge relay system with digital control panel, 1 x 12v socket, 1 x double USB socket and 1 x 230v double socket permanently fitted to vehicle (accessible and usable with or without the removable kitchen unit installed). LED flexible spotlights over both front cab seats and Labcraft LED strip light in rear over kitchen unit position. All 230v systems are tested and certificated

  • 38 Litre Fresh Water Tank

    located on the underside of the vehicle with water level gauge and Fiamma 7 litre/minute pump located within the removable sink unit – all fittings drinking water quality approved.

  • Insulation & Flooring

    We don’t scrimp on insulation and aim to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our high quality commercial grade flooring is fully insulated, non slip and looks great!

  • Curtains

    Tailor made curtains with blackout lining to cover all windows – you choose the fabric!

    • Awning Rails, Awnings and Sunshades

      To attach any awning to the side of your T6 then you’ll first need an awning rail. The rail we use blends in to match the van and we stock a small range of high quality free standing awnings and sunshades.

    • Bike Rack

      An easy fold down bike rack system that can carry up to four bikes with a tailgate or two bikes with double rear doors. No need to remove the rack when it’s not in use.

    • Webasto – Hot Air Heating and Cool Blowing Fan

      To use your campervan all year around you’ll often find a hot air heater is a valuable friend – we can also adapt heating systems into cooling fans for the hotter summer days.

    • Midge Screen

      Keeping the smallest of biting insects out of your van can often be the difference between making or breaking a trip away – the West Highland midge is a particular offender! We’ve developed a screen for the rear side slide opening VW T6 windows that fit neatly into the open glass.

    • Roof Rails and Roof Rack for Elevating Roofs

      With strength carrying capacity of up to 60kg it’s possible to carry a decent load on the elevating roof – two sea kayaks for instance.

    • Solar Panel

      100 Watt Roof Mounted Solar Panel – lets you sit out the summer months without the need to recharge your leisure batteries either via a mains supply or driving the van,

    • Solid High Top Roof

      If you’d prefer a solid high top roof instead of an elevating roof on your campervan, then with our Tiree, Cromarty, Taransay and Jpod conversions this isn’t a problem.

    • Dometic Tropicool 21 Litre Portable Fridge/Coolbox

      Fits perfectly into the J-Pod cupboard beneath the sink. Top loading and just slides in and out for use. Runs on either 12v or 230v mains can be used to either cool or warm!

    • VW Rear Removable Seating for Three

      Turn your campervan into a car and seat five people with the VW factory option of double and single removable seats.

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