Why Choose A Campervan?

The definition of a campervan is fairly straight forward with the Collins dictionary describing a campervan as; “a van which is equipped with beds and cooking equipment so that you can live, cook and sleep in it.” For us, a campervan is much more than that, it is the opportunity for adventure at a moment’s notice, it is a base for extreme sports, it is connecting with family and it is being that little bit closer to nature and that extra bit further from the rush hour traffic jam!

The Importance of a Ventile Cotton Roof Canvas

We first started manufacturing our Jerba Elevating Roof in 2015 and now fit them to all of our VW T6 conversions and to customers own T5 & T6 campers. The decision to create our own innovative design came after fitting Reimo and SCA roofs for a number of years and continually feeling dissatisfied and frustrated with the quality.

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