10 Winter Driving Tips

Shorter daylight hours, snowfall and icy roads can make driving in winter challenging for even the most experienced driver. Follow our 10 winter driving tips to ensure you have a safe trip in your Jerba Campervan this winter.

Storing Your Campervan

We understand that going out winter camping is not for everyone. However, leaving your van unused in cold conditions can damage your van if you don’t do a few simple things beforehand.

Cosy Campers

Here at Jerba we don’t believe that using your campervan should just be limited to the warmer months, instead we think that you should get out in your camper as much as possible! In fact, there are many advantages of going out camping in the winter.

Why Choose A Campervan?

The definition of a campervan is fairly straight forward with the Collins dictionary describing a campervan as; “a van which is equipped with beds and cooking equipment so that you can live, cook and sleep in it.” For us, a campervan is much more than that, it is the opportunity for adventure at a moment’s notice, it is a base for extreme sports, it is connecting with family and it is being that little bit closer to nature and that extra bit further from the rush hour traffic jam!

The Importance of a Ventile Cotton Roof Canvas

We first started manufacturing our Jerba Elevating Roof in 2015 and now fit them to all of our VW T6 conversions and to customers own T5 & T6 campers. The decision to create our own innovative design came after fitting Reimo and SCA roofs for a number of years and continually feeling dissatisfied and frustrated with the quality.

How To Clean Your Campervan Floor

In all our Jerba Campervans we use Polyflor flooring. Polyflor’s flooring is highly durable and slip resistant making it the perfect flooring for a campervan. Polyflor pride themselves on their sustainability and their vision is to be as carbon neutral as possible, as well as being socially and economically responsible. The flooring contains recycled material and is 100% recyclable making it a great product for us to work with to keep in line with our own sustainability goals.

Campervan Road Trip Games

Mobile phones and tablets provide lots of entertainment for passengers on long drives, however, the ‘family time’ that comes with going campervanning is slightly lost – and the driver is left out! Playing group games while driving is a great way to keep entertained and enjoy some family time. The classic I Spy is always a great starting game when you’ve been driving in your camper for a long time to keep kids…and adults entertained. However, soon comes the question, ‘what other road trip games can we play?’ Here are our top 5 games that you can play (after I Spy!) while on a road trip in your VW campervan! Don’t hesitate to bend and create your own rules to keep the games and the journey exciting!

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