How To Clean Your Campervan Floor

In all our Jerba Campervans we use Polyflor flooring. Polyflor’s flooring is highly durable and slip resistant making it the perfect flooring for a campervan. Polyflor pride themselves on their sustainability and their vision is to be as carbon neutral as possible, as well as being socially and economically responsible. The flooring contains recycled material and is 100% recyclable making it a great product for us to work with to keep in line with our own sustainability goals.

Campervan Road Trip Games

Mobile phones and tablets provide lots of entertainment for passengers on long drives, however, the ‘family time’ that comes with going campervanning is slightly lost – and the driver is left out! Playing group games while driving is a great way to keep entertained and enjoy some family time. The classic I Spy is always a great starting game when you’ve been driving in your camper for a long time to keep kids…and adults entertained. However, soon comes the question, ‘what other road trip games can we play?’ Here are our top 5 games that you can play (after I Spy!) while on a road trip in your VW campervan! Don’t hesitate to bend and create your own rules to keep the games and the journey exciting!

10 Top Tips For Camping With Dogs

The best adventure partner is often our furry friends! Taking your dog away in your camper will ensure you get out and do more exploring, you’re guaranteed to make friends on the campsite and most importantly they provide you with endless entertainment! When camping with dogs there are a few things you should remember to ensure you and your dog have an enjoyable and more importantly a safe trip!

How To Build The Best Campfire

The simple pleasure of sitting back watching the fire you built burn and popping another perfectly toasted marshmallow into your mouth is unbeatable! That warm fuzzy feeling you get is especially rewarding after a long day of outdoor activity or after a long drive in your Jerba Campervan. Follow our 6 steps to build the perfect fire for toasting mallows! Make sure you remember to stay safe by following our campfire safety tips.

Benefits Of A Sleeping Bag Liner

A sleeping bag liner may be a useful camping accessory to take away with you in your camper. A sleeping bag liner goes inside your sleeping bag and then you sleep inside the liner. You can get different shaped liners to fit your sleeping bag and you can chose from different materials depending on what the main purpose of your liner is. We would recommend a microfibre liner as they are very compact, insulate in colder climates, are breathable and absorbent in warmer climates and are machine washable – with fast drying times. This diversity makes them a perfect accessory to keep in your van for every adventure, here are 4 reasons why:

10 Tips For The Perfect Road Trip

When going campervanning it is important that you remain flexible so you can enjoy the freedom of the open road but you must also stay organised so that you can relax with a tasty meal and maybe even a small glass of wine after you’ve finished driving for the day. These 10 tips will ensure your campervan holiday is stress free!

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